4 Best Picked HDB 4-Room Renovation Ideas

When you are planning for an hdb 4-room renovation, finding inspiration can be pretty challenging. Good thing you have come to the right site. Today, we are going to share with you these 4 Best-Picked hdb 4-room renovation ideas that can be done by the best interior design stylist in Singapore. You might want to consider one of these ideas in your home.

Luxurious Modern Industrial Style

Anyone can be drawn into the harmonious combination of industrial, modern, and luxurious elements in this unique interior design. The simplicity of the modern touch of grey and beige color makes it right in your room. With just the right mixture of accents, texture, and popping colors invite that luxurious vibe to your room. A subtle shade of the color blue adds a dramatic luxury to your room. A great selection of bluish cabinetry makes it a balanced and intense elegance as well.

Best Picked HDB 4-Room Renovation Ideas

Not only that, the clean look of white marble tiles creates an agelessness in the middle of this cozy and casual setting. You can also use a gold-accentuated kitchen stool or black wrought iron cabinets that emphasize the modern and industrial vibe.

Aesthetic Scandinavian Style

A well-lit Scandinavian-aesthetic style gives your bedroom to new heights. With a touch of asymmetrically-placed geometric furniture, the subtle creativity of mirror wall decors, and wheels on the table make it simple yet creative details for any room. Walls that are greyish white washed and wooden furnishings can add that perfect texture to this room without being too strange. The warm tones combination of minimalist color scheme and rustic-themed makes the entire house cozy and inviting aesthetic and Scandi at the same time.

Contemporary Traditional Style

You will never go old with traditional, heritage-style contemporary design. This ageless touch of heritage design is a combination of that old-school and contemporary style which overall results in a charming ambiance. Consider adding sophisticated open-design lighting and French door frames with a black accent that are sophisticated. The magic effect of pale grey, refreshing mint, and white color makes the room a well-balanced, lightened cheerful vibe. You will fall in love with this homely and stylish contemporary style. It is anchored by rich tones and gorgeous contrast of a touch of traditional and contemporary at the same time. The two opposite combination surely feels like a dream.

Contemporary Traditional Style

Dramatic Wooden Style

Grey and tan or beige color combination make a vibrant and fresh dramatic wooden effect to your 4-room HBD interior design. It is a perfectly crafted inspiration idea that fulfills your dream of having a dramatic and lively room. The selection of furniture and the colors used in the interior create a striking mood in the room.

The dominance of brown, oak, and grey makes the space simple, minimal, and has a sense of homeliness with its wooden interior effect. The room can be a sweet spot for relaxation, especially when accompanied by nice white curtains and sheers and warm wooden colored furnishings.

There are dime a dozen of hdb 4-room renovation ideas in Singapore. Now it is your chance to make yours stand out with any of these styles that are perfect not only for grownup residents but along with the kids as well.

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