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Everyone likes some decent pieces of art. They are soothing and help you to relax. And at the same time would help you to do a bit of brainstorm and help you understand things from different perspectives. If you think it is easy to understand art by merely looking at it? then you are wrong. It is far more complex than you think. Also, complex not always means tough or boring. It is fun for a lot of people. To be fair a lot of people love to focus and look at art. So that they could be able to see things from different perspectives. And that would help you to understand things with a better perspective so to say.

Experience the beauty of art.

A lot of people debate after looking at an art piece. Everyone tries to find a conclusion. People try to find the vision of an artist. But, trust me it is not that easy as for that matter. It might look easy so to say but quite certainly is not. Also, there is no need to actually find a conclusion so to say. An artist creates art and leaves it to people to interpret. Interpret a painting or art in particular according to your very own understanding of it. it would help you to brainstorm. And you must brainstorm regularly. That would help you to keep your brain active. And not just that but your perception of things and your point of view would improve.

At the same time, you also improve your observation skills. Even if you are an artist yourself. You can be an actor or a dancer. Even, then paintings could help you a lot with it. this is because a nice painting and observing it could help you improve your creativity. This is what a lot of big artists do to find creativeness in their work. Art really has a lot of benefits. Isn’t it true? It definitely is true. Art is also evolving now. The choices of people are changing. People now want to look at art that is not mainstream. To be very honest that is not easy to find generally.

Wherever you look at you will see only mainstream products. Be it movies, paintings, music, etc. it is hard to find unique and creative. But if you are a lover of unique and creative paintings. Then you are in luck here. Because there is the perfect source for you. I am talking about here. Botto is a very popular source for extremely elegant yet creative paintings. A lot of lovers of art prefer to go with Botto when it comes to unique paintings. It is very easy to buy from here. It is not at all complex. You could buy it through bidding in an auction.

You get to see a different piece of art. Which are made by extremely creative artists of Botto. They literally produce a piece of magic on canvas. You really need to visit to actually understand what I am talking about. They work for the community and on the recommendation of the community. They have a target to produce artwork for the people every week. That artwork is influenced by the recommendations and feedbacks of the community. They create an art guided and governed by the community. And, to be very honest that is what exactly makes them so much different from other artists.

Is it complex to buy from here?

As it is an online medium therefore people often ask if it is complex to buy from here or not. Internet as a concept is confusing for a lot of people. There is a common stereotype and preconceived notion that anything that requires the internet would be complex. To be very honest that is not how it works. Because of that a lot of people restrict themselves from using the internet and working with the online medium. To be fair it is pretty easy. And to some extent easier than a normal offline medium as to some extent. You get to see what you wish to buy in greater detail. However, in an offline exhibition, you might not even be allowed to touch the art or come too close to it.

However, this is not the case in the online medium. Even, in you get to see the whole of the artwork with great detail. You can zoom it. and can easily see all the details of a painting. After which of course if you like then you can buy artwork from there. But, the main point is that it is better to buy from an online medium so to say. 

Process of buying from Botto.

Now, it might be a bit complex to buy from Botto as for that matter. However, it is not rocket science so to say. Anyone can do it with a bit of instruction. But, still, some people might find it a bit difficult. Someone with knowledge of Ethereum blockchain could do it easily. If you wish to buy from them then you need to have a bit of knowledge regarding the Ethereum blockchain. Do not panic as of now. Following tips might make it easier for you. So to do that you need to set up an Ethereum wallet first. Then fund that Ethereum wallet of yours. after that, you are required to buy some Botto tokens. 

After that, you are required to deposit those Botto tokens of yours onto the Botto app. Then you can vote on your favorite art piece or use it in the auction. I think now you get the point that it might look tough and complex but is not really. You can do it all easily. However, still, it might take 30 minutes or so to get completed. Also, always prefer to use the site or do the deposit on a PC or on a laptop. That way you could do it a bit more smoothly so to say. Now, get on the site and start buying some amazing artwork.

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