Does Using Delta 10 Cartridges Help to Prevent Feelings of Paranoia?

The main difference between delta-9, which is only a sciency name for classic THC, and a myriad of other deltas we use both recreationally and medicinally is their legal status. While delta-9 remains mostly stigmatized, other THC variants are more widely accepted and fully legal in a number of states.

Why is this, though? Why shun one and embrace all the others?

For many enjoyers of good old marijuana, the undesirable side-effects such as paranoia tend to ruin the experience. Anxiety, increased heart rate, memory loss, and munchies are also pretty common for people who want to enjoy their THC in peace.

These side-effects are in direct connection to the legality of specific cannabinoids. 

For example, here’s what happens when you replace delta-9 with delta 10 cartridge and how it affects your body.

What Is Delta 10 and Why Should You Care?

Delta-10 is a chemical variant of classic THC, but there’s a catch. 

When we think of a proper high, we think of marijuana, but every delta 10 cartridge comes exclusively from hemp-derived CBD. Because THC is present in hemp only in trace amounts, it would be too expensive and time-consuming to distract it directly from the plant. 

So, manufacturers produce it in a lab by changing the basic chemistry of CBD.

According to an urban legend, delta-10 was a lucky find. It was created unintentionally when one batch of cannabis was contaminated with a fire retardant and initially confused for CBD. The rest, as they say, is history. These days, delta-10 is manufactured in a highly controlled way. 

That makes delta-10, delta-8, and other possible delta variants legal on the federal level. However, that’s not all. Because delta-10 is just a tiny bit different from delta-9, or THC, on the molecular level, it is reportedly free from all the grizzly side-effects that come with traditional marijuana.


What Kind of High Does Delta 10 Produce?

Because delta-10 is still THC, your brain registers it as such. Upon entering your body, delta-10 binds to the same receptors as classic THC. The only difference is – it’s somewhat weaker than its lauded relative. That’s to be expected, given its CBD-based origin. You’d need high amounts to achieve the same high, but we don’t recommend that. 

Delta-10 is not the same thing as delta-9, so don’t expect it to be. 

With a less potent high, delta-10 results in a head rush instead of a full-body experience. It’s also said to have a Sativa-like effect, which would make it fun and uplifting, perhaps even euphoric. Delta-10 could make you more creative and productive if that’s what you’re looking for. 

Delta-10 may make you giggly and hungry too. While all the different nuances of getting high on delta-10 vary from person to person, it’s definitely safe to say that this THC variant won’t make you stoned and drowsy. It’s certainly more of a day drug than a sleep aid.

Could Delta 10 Help You Avoid Paranoia?

Could Delta 10 Help You Avoid Paranoia

Judging by the latest research on the topic, It seems that delta-10 can actually help those dealing with paranoia.

Though only slightly different, the chemical profile of delta 10 differs from classic THC just enough to help you avoid the common side-effects of smoking marijuana, and that’s excellent news. You can finally enjoy all the benefits of getting high without worrying about the outcome.

After all, that’s the whole point, right?

Delta-10 is not yet available everywhere, but those who have tried it have not reported any cases of paranoia. The same goes for other undesirable side effects, most notably anxiety, nausea, hallucinations, and disorientation. You might get a dry mouth and eyes, but that’s all. 

Most side-effects, including paranoia, are triggered when a part of the brain called the amygdala gets overwhelmed by the excessive amount of cannabinoids. Being less potent than classic THC, delta-10 boasts just the right amount of cannabinoids to avoid that. 

In Conclusion

And there you go – everything you’ve ever wished for in a joint may finally be within arm’s reach. We rarely get to have only the good side of what we enjoy and love. Cannabis has given us a feel-good, paranoia-free variant of THC to compensate for life’s cruel mistakes.

Of course, we must ask you to be careful when trying delta-10 for the first time. As step number one, be sure that this new substance is legal in your country. Also, talk to your doctor if you have any chronic health issues. Then, if all is good, you can enjoy your long-waited carefree high. 

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