How to Plan a Weed-Friendly Wedding

As both the popularity and legality of cannabis continue to grow, the idea of a weed-friendly wedding is becoming less far fetched than ever before. In fact, it’s more realistic now than it’s ever been!

Your wedding day should be everything you imagined it to be (and more). So if you dreamed of toasting to love with a joint in hand, or enjoying a cannabis-infused wedding cake with your partner-to-be, keep reading to find out exactly how that dream can become a reality!

Unfortunately there’s no getting around this point. Simply put, your wedding can’t be weed-friendly if it’s not in a location where marijuana is legal for recreational use. Recreational marijuana use is still illegal in over half the country, but luckily there are 18 forward-thinking states where your weed-wedding dreams can come to fruition.

The best thing to do is check the legality of marijuana use in the area before you book the venue.

Hire a weed-friendly wedding planner

Not all wedding planners know their way around the cannabis industry. From budtenders, to cannabis caterers, to weed-friendly venues -there’s a whole new world out there and your wedding planner needs to be familiar with it. Make sure you hire someone who already has experience planning weed-friendly weddings.

You’re almost certainly capable of making connections on your own, but things will go much more smoothly if you relax, take a step back, and hire an expert -you don’t know what trade secrets you’ll be missing out on if you don’t!

Designate areas for smoking

While your dreams of a weed-friendly wedding are the most important to consider, you might also want to keep in mind that not everyone smokes. If your wedding crowd is made up of mostly smokers, then you might want to seat non-smokers together.

Of course, checking with your guests ahead of time will help avoid making people feel left out. Who knows? Maybe your non-smoker friends and family will give it a try for the first time, or maybe they just want to hang around with everyone!

Get the most out of your pre-wedding festivities

Wedding day is filled with excitement, but let’s be honest -you’re making one of the biggest decisions of your life, and that excitement might feel more like anxiety at one point or another. That’s totally normal!

Use your pre-wedding festivities to help you relax, nipping that anxiety in the bud. Skip the beers and mimosas, and spark up instead!

Hand out weed-friendly party favors

Just about every wedding comes with party favors, but yours can be the coolest. Leave the best impression on your guests by sending them home with the signature strain of your wedding, or a glass pipe keepsake.

If some of your guests are traveling from a non-recreational state like Florida, you might also consider providing information on how they can acquire a medical marijuana card. It’s always fun to get high, but the medicinal benefits of cannabis use are incontrovertible, so send them to Veriheal to learn more!

Make your ceremony weed-friendly

There are countless ways for you to incorporate weed into your wedding ceremony, from taking your first married puff together, to passing a peace pipe around the room. It’s your wedding, so get as creative as you want!

Decorate with weed

Just about every wedding incorporates flowers into the decoration, but what about cannabis flowers? Some would say that those are even more beautiful! It might not be the least expensive decoration, but it will most certainly go along with your weed-friendly theme.

Imagine walking down an aisle lined with marijuana plants -just stunning. Make sure your wedding planner hires a weed-friendly wedding decorator, so everyone can see just how passionate you are about your green.

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Create a weed-friendly menu

You can tailor the food and drink menu to satisfy the inevitable munchies, or take a different approach altogether. If you’re planning a truly weed-friendly wedding, you might as well go all out and provide a cannabis-infused menu.

From drinks, to appetizers, to desserts, the possibilities are almost endless, and your guests will think high-ly of you for it! If you’re not in the market for a full-blown cannabis-infused menu, consider setting up a designated cannabis dessert table so your guests can enjoy infused edibles at their own pace.

Hire a budtender

Most couples who want to have a weed-friendly wedding ask for a marijuana bar with a budtender. This is a great way to allow everyone celebrating the chance to enjoy some weed, and the budtender will be able to monitor consumption.


Weddings can become pretty monotonous, so make your wedding weed-friendly and remember it as the special day it was always meant to be!

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