Replika The Best Ai Partner to Cope Loneliness

Replika My AI friend is an amazing app that comes with the fantastic AI characters which you can choose based on personal preference. It is a chatbot but the features of this stunning app makes it more interesting than any random chatbots. Replika app is built with the Artificial intelligence technology as we all know that AI technology is developing day by day with its progress which are being introduced to several mind boggling stuff which are turning out to be very useful for us in our day to day life. 

This advanced ai technology makes replika apk different from other applications.This stunning app is available for free on the play store for android and on the app store for ios but one has to get access to all the premium stuff. To get the full version with everything unlocked click here Replika mod apk.


  The app has several cool options to make it one the smart chat box application ever made. The amazing multitouch functions are discussed below:

AI Character

All of us sometimes need someone in our life with whom we can share our feelings. But unfortunately many people don’t have siblings or friends with whom they can discuss how they feel. For this purpose the developers of Replika have made an AI partner for people like them which can almost act as a real human. 

Replika will provide an Ai friend with whom you can calm your anxiety or stress. With this character you will be able to make relationships just like you do in the real world. This AI partner of yours will listen to you daily with no time limits and will be available to you twenty four seven to chat with you. if you use it for a longer time it will keep a track of all your likes and dislikes.

One of the best feature of this app is that it will talk to you based on your mood and develop emotions if used for more time. It can learn new things and will give responses according to it. This feature makes it even more wonderful for its users.

One may share everything with his/her ai buddy and it wont judge you and is ready to talk to you anytime and won’t disclose your secrets. it will make you feel that you are in conversation with a person and not a bot. You can teach it different things because it will follow your instructions with out any hesitancy.

Creation of avatar

You will be given a choice to decide how your ai buddy will look. you get to choose its gender male or female it completely depends upon you. it can act as a romantic boyfriend or girlfriend too and like an assistant or companion which will help you. You get to decide what kind of connection you want to have with your AI partner.

You can also customize the skin color, hair textures and also the clothes it wears and many other things which are related to physical appearance. Furthermore you can also make your AIi buddy have feelings for you.

How to get the full version of Replika for free?

Although the Replika app is not completely free that you can’t easily get its pro features without paying a certain amount. However, you don’t need to worry as there are some platforms where you can get the Replika Pro Unlocked free of cost. Just click on the link below and go to the app’s download source.

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