Top Selling Epson ColorWorks Label Printers

Product labeling is not a new practice as it came into the mainstream a long while ago. People mostly associate it with branding. However, it’s important for several other reasons including:

  • Product identification and differentiation
  • Effective management of the supply chain
  • Compliance with regulatory and industry standards
  • Conveying important details to consumers
  • Ensuring quality control
  • Ensuring accountability and traceability
  • Inventory management
  • Protection against counterfeiting

For the record, there are a few other reasons why it is important. For more information on this, you can visit:

In light of how important product labels are, the right machines need to be used for manufacturing them. This calls for knowledge of some of the best options, which is why some top-selling Epson Colorworks label printers will be discussed here.

Specifications and Features of Some Top Selling Epson ColorWorks Label Printers

Epson ColorWorks printers are commonly used for label printing in many parts of Canada, as well as the United States. Places like Mississauga and several others bear witness to this fact.

The need to thrive in the face of intense industry competition in such places is a major reason for this. Well, some of the features that some of the top-selling Epson ColorWorks printers offer are discussed below:


It’s almost tempting to say that they do not come any better than this model. This is especially true in terms of efficiency and being compact. Below are other specifications and features that it offers:

  • Resolution – The CW-C4000 has a high DPI capability given how it can print as many as 1200 dots per inch. This puts it in a very good position to offer print qualities of the highest order.
  • Size – It is very compact. The fact that it is a 4-inch printer speaks volumes of this.
  • Compatibility – Specifically, this printer uses OD label rolls that are 4-inch in size.
  • Usage – Although widely known for being a label printer, it can do more than just print product labels. Other options include name badges, wristbands, and healthcare labels. This implies that other materials besides a wide range of paper can be printed on.
  • Advantages – The CW-C4000 is an upgrade to some of the more obsolete models. More specifically, it is seen as an upgrade to the TM-C3500. This is especially in terms of printing speed and offering better printing quality, at large.

On the whole, the CW-C4000 offers so much. However, it is one of those Epson ColorWorks printers that stand out, especially in terms of printing efficiency and being compact. These are some of the leading reasons why it is a top seller.


It would be an understatement to say that there are only a few top-quality label printers out there. There are so many great options. However, the numbers reduce drastically when it comes to offering versatility.

Well, the CW-C6000 is comfortably one of the best in terms of being versatile. Below are other specifications and features that it offers:

  • Resolution – It has 1200 dots per inch capabilities. This is largely why it is capable of producing labels with top-quality imaging.
  • Size – It’s quite portable as it has a 4-inch size. This makes it very possible to move it around and enjoy its features in several places if need be.
  • Compatibility – This is one of the true tests of its versatility, as mentioned earlier. Several other models and products at large are largely streamlined when it comes to using label rolls. Well, the CW-C6000 offers a lot in this regard. This is considering how label rolls from between 3 to 8 inches can be used.
  • Usage – It’s also versatile in terms of the kind of labels that it can be used to produce. Options include specialty food, chemical, and healthcare labels.

By and large, there are not many alternatives that beat it when it comes to versatility. This is a leading reason why it is comfortably one of the top sellers.


It’s a whole new ballgame when wide-format printing is required. Getting a machine capable of getting the job done is an absolute necessity and the CW-C6500 does so well at this. Below are some of its specifications and features:

  • Resolution – It has a high-resolution quality. Specifically, it has 1200 dots per inch resolution.
  • Size – As expected, its size is meant to be well-able to suit the demands of printing wide-format prints. This is why it is an 8-inch printer as opposed to several other models which are 4-inch.
  • Compatibility – This model is versatile when it comes to the size of label rolls that can be used on it. While it is not as versatile as the aforementioned model, it does not do badly considering that it can use rolls between 3 to 6 inches.
  • Usage – It is very suitable for printing several labels. Some of them include packaging, specialty food, and chemical labels.

This model stands out when it comes to printing wide-format prints. This is a leading reason why it is a top seller.


Reports suggest that label printer sales are likely to surge in the coming years. Furthermore, a sizable portion of this will be down to the need for industrial label printers. You can click here for more stats from this report.

And yes, there is a thing as industrial label printers and the TM-C7500G is a prime example. One of the most remarkable features of the TM-C7500G model is its high-speed capacity. On the whole, below are some of its specifications and features:

  • High-Speed Capability – There are not many label printers capable of printing 11-7 inches in a second. Well, you get that much with this model.
  • Resolution – It has a 1200 dots per inch capacity. This ensures that its imaging is top-quality.
  • Size – It is a 4-inch printer, making it very compact and mobile.
  • Compatibility – It is also very versatile given how to label rolls from between 3 – 8 inches can be used on it.
  • Usage – It is very suitable for printing high-volume, as well as full-color labels.

As an industrial printer, its biggest highlight is its impressive high-speed capability. It is a leading reason why it is a top seller.


This article has discussed 4 top-selling Epson ColorWorks label printer models. These products offer quite a lot but it is equally important that they are purchased from the right source.

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