What Types of Videos Can Effectively Help You With Promoting a Product

One of the effective product marketing methods is to advertise your product in video format. This works well for the audience because the user receives both visual and auditory information. Even if he is distracted and does not see the full picture, he can hear in the background about the benefits of your product and contact the company to buy it.

In this article, we’ll tell you which types of videos are most likely to attract viewers’ interest.

Why video is the best way to advertise

As mentioned above, when watching video content, users are most likely to learn about all the benefits of the product and want to try it out. It is due to the fact that now people are more inclined to watch content of this format, by far the most popular social networks.

On all these platforms, viewers spend several hours per day and constantly update their news feed in anticipation of new publications. This suggests that videos are the most convenient for Internet users.

Types of videos for effective advertising

If we talk about YouTube videos, then there are several types that best attract the attention of users.

Product overview

The review involves showing the process of using the product, conveying information about its characteristics and useful properties. This works best with gadgets such as smartphones or laptops. As a rule, techno-reviewers do not even buy YouTube subscribers because they are quickly gaining popularity due to the high interest of viewers in this topic.

Interview with an expert

The interview format has become very popular in recent years. Many bloggers have decided to embed such videos on their channel because they allow them to gain more views and increase audience reach.

If you sell beauty products, for example, you can invite an expert in the field of cosmetics or medicine to talk about the health benefits of your products. This will allow viewers to be convinced that they should follow the link to your company’s website and order something.

Also, thanks to the interviews, you probably won’t have to buy real YouTube subscribers because you can grab the attention of users yourself.

Customer reviews

To publish in this format, you will need to find positive reviews of your clients in the comments and personal messages, or even invite one of them. This video will gain credibility with potential buyers.


Surely those who are interested in purchasing your products have questions related to materials for production, ingredients, any characteristics, and so on. You can collect a list of the most frequently asked questions and answer them on video or live broadcast. The second option will also be effective for communicating with the audience.


To help yourself in promoting your products, you can shoot a video on the YouTube channel in which you tell about your company, your products, or invite someone who can give a positive assessment of your products. If you publish a high-quality video in which you convey all the information in detail or even make several different formats, then with a high probability you will receive a quick influx of buyers. 

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