How to Properly Perform a Soil Test Kit

The early stages of the growing season offer the perfect opportunity for amateur plantsmen to ensure the soil under their turf is in top shape. The grass in lawns draws most of its vital nutrients from the soil underneath. Any nutrient deficiency or potential issue with the soil quality will become painfully apparent in the lackluster appearance of the grass above it. 

Lawn enthusiasts often use a soil test kit to measure the nutrient and pH levels of their soil. The results offer an accurate picture of the soil’s current state of health. Soil tests should be performed periodically throughout the growing season, and you should always purchase more than one soil test kit. Once you’ve made the necessary changes by adding nutrients or changing the pH level, you’ll need to test a second time to confirm the results. It is also recommended that you use the same type of soil test kit for both tests to ensure accurate results. Here’s how to properly perform a soil test. 

Unboxing Your Kit

Your basic soil test kit is designed to be easy and accurate, even for the inexperienced beginner. The basic kit comes with only 5 special items in the box because that’s all you really need. 

  • Registration Card
  • Deionized water jar with nutrient absorbing capsule
  • Premeasured plastic soil scoop
  • Special stainless steel soil probe
  • Prepaid return package envelope

To perform your soil test, you’ll also need a clean dry bucket or container for mixing soil samples. This will help give you an accurate reading of what’s happening beneath your lawn. When a soil test is performed properly, it measures the levels of 13 vital nutrients present in soil along with its current pH level.

Preparing to Test

The first thing you’ll want to do after unboxing your kit is register it. Simply go to to create an account and register your test kit with the number provided on the enclosed registration card. This is also where your test results will be displayed once they are available. Sustainable products may also be recommended based on your soil test results. 

Collecting Soil Samples

Many test kits require you to grind or mix soil samples or attempt to fill up miniature test tubes with tiny little openings. This kit requires none of that. It was specifically designed to be easy and accurate. After registering your soil test kit, turn your sights on collecting the soil samples.

Next, grab your special soil probe and a clean dry bucket or container you can use to collect and mix soil samples. Use only the specially designed stainless steel soil probe to collect the samples. It is designed to collect soil samples from the same specific depth every time. 

Depending on the size of your yard, you’ll want to take at least 4 – 6 soil samples from multiple areas with plenty of space in between. Each time you take a sample using the provided soil probe, release it into the bucket or container and then move on to the next area. Once you’ve collected all your soil samples, mix them thoroughly and use the probe to break up any large clumps.

Concluding Your Test

Once you’ve collected your soil samples, you’ll want to carefully open the sample jar containing deionized water. Do not dump out the water and be careful not to spill it. You’ll notice it contains a special capsule. It is a nutrient absorbing capsule designed to mimic the actions of the roots of your grass. 

Using the plastic scoop in your kit, collect a level scoop of soil from your mixed samples in the bucket. Carefully add the scoop of soil to the deionized water jar containing the capsule. Replace the lid on the sample jar and secure it well. Just barely shake it from side to side to mix the soil and water. 

Place the secured sample jar into the postage paid secure envelope included in your kit. Close the envelope, secure it, and drop it in the mail. Your soil will be analyzed, and the results should be available in 6 to 8 days. 

Viewing Results

You will receive an email once your results are ready. When the data is available, go to and login with your credentials to view the results of your soil test. You’ll see the levels of 13 measured nutrients necessary for grass and plants to thrive along with your soil’s pH level. You may also receive recommendations based on your test results. 

Order Your Soil Test Kit Today 

If you’re ready to be the envy of your neighborhood with a golf course beautiful lawn, order your soil test kit today. It is the easiest and most accurate way to measure the health of your soil. When specific nutrients are lacking, turf cannot thrive. A pH level that is too high or too low can also negatively impact the health of your yard maki it susceptible to diseases and pests that could cause further damage. Be proactive in your lawn care and order your soil test kit today. 

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