Rocking the Ring Stack: How to Pair Your Wedding Band with Other Fashion Rings

Wearing only a wedding band can create a simple and elegant look. But these days, many brides like to “stack” their rings – wearing their wedding band with other fashion and symbol rings.

Stacking rings offers a fun way to express your personal style. But how can you select rings that complement each other? This article shares ring-stacking tips to help you rock your look.

The trend of stacked wedding rings keeps growing. Stacking rings lets brides mix different metals and styles. It’s an easy way to show off their own taste. Additionally, stacked rings offer brides the opportunity to incorporate meaningful additions over time, such as rings symbolizing motherhood or anniversary bands.

Choose Rings with Meaning

Choosing wedding rings with meaning adds depth and significance to the symbol of eternal love, creating a lasting connection and reminder of the couple’s journey together. When choosing your wedding rings, look for bands that have deep personal meaning. 

For couples who are beginning their journey together, eheringe Zurich blends tradition with contemporary elegance. With artistry rooted in this historic Swiss city, the jewelers of Zurich are able to blend meaningful designs with modern innovations.  Their talents allow you to add other meaningful rings that represent important moments or people. Selecting beautiful wedding rings with personal significance will enhance the uniqueness of your stack.

Match the Right Metals 

Be sure the metals in your stacked rings match. Mixing yellow gold with white gold and silver can make your hands look messy instead of stylish. Most wedding rings are made of yellow or white gold, or platinum. 

Choose fashion rings in similar metallic tones. Rose gold also pairs well with a soft, romantic vibe when combined with yellow or white gold and silver metals. With matching metals, your ring set will shine as a coordinated look. 

Mind the Widths

Pay attention to the widths and thicknesses of each ring. Too many wide, bulky bands can overwhelm your fingers with “bling.” But rings that are all narrow with delicate bands can also fail to make a statement. 

For the best balance, experts suggest wearing your wedding band with one thinner fashion ring and one slightly thicker statement ring. This creates visual interest while keeping proportions balanced.

Color Your World 

Don’t be afraid to add some color to your ring stack! Colorful gemstone rings offer an eye-catching style. Stack designs often use birthstones or your wedding colors. Blue sapphire and diamond bands popped next to a yellow-gold wedding ring. Or place an emerald fashion ring between white and yellow gold bands for a fresh colorful combo. If you prefer subtle hues, pastel sapphires, rubies, and aquamarines can give a soft springtime color palette.

Symbols and Designs

Beyond gorgeous gems and metals, the symbols and designs of stacked rings hold meaning too. Celtic knots can represent continuity and eternity – perfect alongside your commitment ring! Two interlocking rings can visually echo your connected marriage. 

Add your children’s zodiac symbols or feature meaningful phrases. Rings with heart motifs emphasize romance and devotion. Let your individual wedding rings’ reflect what matters most as you stack your style.

The Best Stacking Styles

Certain ring arrangements have become popular stacked ring styles. Here are the top ways to creatively combine your meaningful bands into Instagram-worthy looks.

1. The Sandwich Stack

This simple look places two thin fashion bands around your wider wedding ring. The contrasting widths bracket your commitment ring at the center for emphasis.

2. The Birthstone Stack

Line up separate birthstone rings from your and your partner’s birth months or your children’s. The rainbow colors make a bright splash!

3. The Mixed Metal Stack 

Mix cool platinum, warm yellow gold, and elegant white gold for rings with varied metallic beauty. This look works with similar bandwidths or graduated sizes.

4. The Sentimental Stack

Feature inherited, vintage, or engraved rings alongside new bands for a personally nostalgic style. Showcase your family legacies!

5. The High-Low Stack

Blend expensive diamonds and precious gems with more affordable statement rings like carved wood, enamel, or engravable bands. High-end and homemade both have meaning!

6. The Pearl Stack 

A wedding ring flanked by dainty freshwater pearl bands evokes timeless purity and wisdom. Lovely for June brides or 50th anniversaries!  

Stacking ring styles have grown increasingly popular, as evidenced by recent jewelry sales trends. For example, a survey of 1,000 recently married women had the following breakdown for their favorite ring stacking methods:

Survey of Ring Stacking Popularity

Data Source: National Association of Jewelers

Crowning Your Stack

Top your stacked ring arrangement with a showstopping right-hand ring in a pinky or pointer finger position. This “crown jewel” can be a dazzling cocktail-style ring with bold gems to serve maximalist glam. 

Alternatively, choose a delicate open band with a small solitaire to complement without overshadowing. Place your crowning glory atop your other stacked bands tied together in symbolic and fashionable glory!

Simple Stack Care Tips

  • When showering or cleaning, store your ring stack safely in a ring dish instead of risking damage. 
  • Apply lotion and perfume before stacking rings to avoid trapping irritating chemicals under your bands.
  • An occasional soak in mild sudsy water keeps ring stacks sparkling! Dry well with a soft cloth.
  • Visit your jeweler once a year to inspect for loose stones or worn prong settings.
  • For tighter-feeling fingers in summer’s heat, temporarily remove thicker statement rings.  

Mix Up Your Metals

Don’t limit yourself to all gold or all silver rings. Combining different metals can enhance the visual appeal of your stack. Combine silver, gold, rose gold, and platinum tones. Or wear one polished ring next to more textured hammered bands. 

Experimenting with a trendy black Tungsten ring alongside a beaded infinity symbol band keeps your eyes engaged. If mixing metals, just be sure the tones play well together. Keep warm golds with other warm metals, like rose gold. And pair cool silvers with platinum. With some creative mixing, your ring stack will stand out.

Shapes and Stones 

The shapes of your rings and stones make a difference too. Round, oval, square – each brings its own style. Mix shapes in pleasing ways, like pairing rounded bands with square rings. Or create a visual flow using all oval rings. 

The stones you choose also impact the look. Diamonds add classic sparkle next to colored gems like sapphires or emeralds for striking combinations. Select birthstones, your favorite colors, or neutral clear stones. And don’t overlook statement rings with carved shapes, words, or botanic designs instead of stones. Playing with shapes and stones opens lots of stacking possibilities!

Conclusion – Focus on Your Lifestyle

Stacking your special gold wedding ring with other fashion rings is a fun trend. It lets you show your own style. Carefully select rings that complement each other. Mix metals, shapes, and symbolic meanings. Begin with a modest number of stacked rings. Then add more over time. The possibilities are endless for creating your perfect ring stack!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to get my rings sized to stack them?

No, you usually don’t need sizing for a simple stack. As long as your rings fit your finger, they will sit nicely together. Make sure the order you wear them in is comfy.  

2. How do I keep my rings from getting scratched?

Be careful wearing rings when cleaning, gardening, or doing harsh work. Take them off when showering, sleeping, or using cleaners. Store rings safely in a pouch or dish. Also, get your ring stack professionally cleaned once a year.

3. Should my wedding band and engagement ring match? 

Not necessarily. Many people enjoy mixing metal colors and band styles. Just be sure the width and thickness work together nicely when stacking the two. Make your set meaningful for you!

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