The importance of corporate gifting

The success of any business is heavily dependent on its workers. From top to bottom hierarchy, employees need to be happy and in a peaceful mental state to excel. There are many ways to keep an employee base happy and satisfied. Bonuses and perks are some of the well-known traditional ways. They however are a constant and expected affairs. What is life without a little unexpected? Unforeseen corporate gifts for your performance from higher management will not only surprise you but will boost your morale as well. 

Corporate gifting: Reasons and effects

The whole concept of gifting is to bring a smile and enliven the spirit at the receiver’s end. Gifts are given to someone you love as a token of admiration, affection, or appreciation. The same are the dynamics in corporate culture as well. There are employees who give their lives to make the company profitable. There are clients without whose association the company would not have been progressing. The occasion of gifting can be anything. Be it festivals, office annual days, or gifts as a token of performance appraisal. Getting gifts has multiple effects on the receiver.

Occasions for corporate gifting

Welcome gift: The joining of a new employee can be celebrated with a nice welcome gift. A new journey with a good gift can really go a long way.

Anniversary of a senior employee or an old client: Such an occasion can be a great opportunity to celebrate and impart a memorable gift to the person in question.

Promotion: This signifies enhancement in skill and productivity on the part of the promoted person. It naturally calls for gifting as a token of appreciation and as a way to say all the best for the future.

Retirement: It is perhaps the biggest event for gifting. A whole lifetime served in a company deserves a heavy gift. An insignia of gratitude and appreciation for all the years of service provided by the retiring individual.

Celebration of employee lot: A loyal and productive employee base often deserves a gift day. This is perceived as a sign of gratefulness on the part of the employer. This will not only make the employees happy but will increase the chances of quality employee retention by a lot.


  • A boost in morale: Feeling valued is essential for a worker to keep on serving a company. The reason is feeling worthy of the self. The self-worth in turn gives rise to high productivity.
  • Enhancement in loyalty: The feeling of belonging is the underlying reason for loyalty. Gifts will make the receiver connect more to the surroundings and will have a loyal allegiance to the organization. Every individual gets happy when prized by the larger surroundings.


  • Increase in fellow feeling: Gifting to stakeholders like investors, suppliers, or financers, increases the sense of fellow feeling and the spirit of cooperation enhances multifold.
  • Token of trust: The mutual trust grows due to gifting which is always beneficial for the business.


  • Interest: The interest of the customer in the product increases. Everyone likes gifts. An offer or a gift only enhances the customer’s interest in the particular product or service
  • Retention: Frequent gifting results in customer retention and makes the customer base wider in due time.

The overall enhancement and growth of a business house are dependent on gifting. The reason is gifting makes the owner a benevolent entrepreneur who is liked by everyone. 

 Top Corporate gift items

There is particularly no hard and fast rule set for corporate gifting. However, some of the most popular corporate gift items. Depending on the category of the gift receivers, some of the best gifts are:


Coffee Mug

A luxury basket

Tote bag

Scented candles

Dinner at a top native restaurant


Passes to a wellness spa

A virtual gift card

Sponsored learning experience

Access to company clubs

Additional perks


Welcome swag box

Gift of choice

Comfortable sock pack

Crowd pleaser snack box

Smart water bottle


Nowadays, to maintain sweetened relationships, just chocolates would not suffice. The magnitude of work and the density of corporate relationships have both increased with time. And so has the range of gifting. So, what would be an ideal gift? offers gifting solutions for corporate culture. A variety of options are available for various gifting occasions. This website exclusively deals in corporate gifting. Now the unnecessary brainstorming and asking for advice from colleagues can stop. Now a surprise gifting can be a surprise. has five main categories

  • New in entails all the latest arrivals
  • Make your own Zappy: Here you can make your own gift by choosing boxes, cards, and products
  • Pre-packed gifts: As the name suggests, all you need to do is make a purchase and gift. This saves time
  • Office Specials: This option has subcategories for new hires, thank you/appreciation, and farewell. Select the gift according to the respective occasion
  • Corporate gifting: This option allows a touch of personalization for certain special employees/employees. A variety of gift options with a good range of prices are at your disposal to make a suitable choice.

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