Most Popular Business Tech For 2023

Want to know what’s hot and what’s not among business tech for 2023? If you do, look at sales trends already showing up in early orders for next year. Every fourth quarter, buying agents for companies large and small make their purchases for the following calendar year, hoping to take advantage of seasonal discounts and early-bird specials. Early buying is also a clever way to avoid shortages and long wait times for coveted devices, software, and systems.

It’s apparent that NVR (network video recorder) units for commercial fleets will continue to grow in popularity as more transport firms rely on the tech to achieve enhanced efficiency, better all-around safety, and other benefits. In the same way, entrepreneurs are scooping up the latest tax preparation software products so they can get a glimpse into next year’s tax bills. Other favorites include comprehensive security systems, special call routing software, energy management devices, and more. Here’s a quick overview of what will be the most popular business technology products for 2023.

Cameras for Vehicle Fleets

In fleet management, supervisors rely on a large number of technological solutions, products, and applications. The NVR, or network video recorder, gives management essential insights into a long list of daily metrics, like driver safety, general security of cargo, route efficiency, on-time delivery rates, and more. It’s important for supervisors to know how to evaluate the newest NVR products and camera arrays. The better versions of NVRs include special IP (internet protocol) cameras, remote access to each camera’s footage, cloud storage capability, and video management systems that are easy to operate.

All-In-One Security Systems

Low-cost but versatile office security products are more popular than ever. Prices have come down, and buyers can install the devices without consulting an expert. For smaller companies, in particular, all-in-ones offer an affordable solution because they combine components like motion-sensitive spotlights, smart alarms, window break detection, and high-resolution surveillance cameras. One advantage of the products is that they are fully portable, so you can take them with you if you move to another office location.

Tax and Payroll Software

The majority of entrepreneurs prefer to pay a professional to prepare annual and quarterly tax documents. However, the latest software lets owners keep track of all their relevant financial data throughout the year and can even churn out basic tax returns for them before they visit with a human accountant. What’s the advantage? In addition to warning you about potential issues, the systems do much of the paperwork and routine calculations too. That means it takes your accountant less time to prepare returns. That way, you end up paying less for the outsourced work. CPAs prefer to work with clients who use advanced software because it makes everyone’s job easier and cuts costs for owners.

Next-Gen Answering and Call Routing

The science of call routing is enjoying a golden age in the business world. Newer systems do much more than just direct callers to the right department. Next generation devices are software-based and perform feats like collecting callers’ names and phone numbers, using smart voice tech to engage customers in a personal way, and using downtime to let people know about discounts and special offers.

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