Cheap CCTV & Safe Boxes in Singapore

It’s nice to get out of the office after a long and busy day. This requires a CCTV camera in Singapore. With a CCTV camera installed in your premises, you can carry out your daily activities in peace while keeping your important documents or items safe.

Any business or family would like to ensure the safety of their premises at all times. After all, the well-being of their family members and employees is a world to them. But how do you get more protection from the people you care about? For starters, you may find a well-known company in Singapore that offers a reliable and high-quality CCTV camera for your choice.

CCTV cameras give home and business owners a sense of security. The development of technology is so fast that it has introduced many types with different features and characteristics. Whether users need to monitor mobile phones or static space; both options can be taken advantage of due to the new technology. Therefore, live and recorded footage has been provided which can also be obtained from mobile phones. Every business and commercial space should have a well-monitored CCTV camera system to enhance workplace safety.

CCTV Cameras:

VIVA Home Cam Pro

With a modern design, the VAVA Home Cam Pro is a good option for homeowners looking for smart CCTV cameras. This camera is completely wire free and is designed to fit anywhere. All you need to do is choose 2 collision-free installation methods: magnetic wall mount and stand mount, all without the need for dirty cables.

When it comes to video resolution standards, it has a Crystal Clear 1080p HD camera with night vision via infrared technology. Additionally, motion activated camera captures footage when the PIR motion sensor is triggered and sends instant notifications to your mobile via the VIVA Home app.


l Crystal Clear 1080p HD resolution

l Infrared night vision

l Motion detection and instant app alert

l Made to fit anywhere; Completely wireless

l Certified IP66 waterproof for outdoor installation

l 2 years local warranty

Arlo PRO 2

Considered one of the best security cameras by Wirecutter, the Arlo Pro 2 is the best you can buy for the latest home security system. The Arlo Pro 2 system can be used with 1 to 4 cameras to provide full security coverage in your home, providing standard 1080HD visualization with highly customizable features.


l Provide an advanced security system.

l Highly customizable

l Great visual with 4K option

l Smart connectivity

l Durable

l Cloud storage

Eufy Indoor Cam

Wire Cutter has been described as the best indoor security camera, the Eufy indoor cam is noteworthy. It provides 2K visual quality and can record 24/7. Its biggest strength is smart detection, in which its AI can detect if a person or pet is present and has the power to record only when an interesting event occurs. Even better, its two-way audio lets you use your camera to greet your children or pets at home, or in extreme cases, to talk to an intruder.


l The best smart detection feature

l 2k visual quality

l Smart connectivity

Safe Boxes:

With the best safe box, you can safely keep your valuable things in your home without having to worry. You can save valuable things like luxury watches, jewelry and money. Additionally, offices will benefit from having a secure box because you can keep important documents and transactions locked and secure.

With so many safe boxes in Singapore, the question is which best one should you get? do not worry; we did all the best research for you. There are many types, it’s hard to say. do not worry. In this article, list of some cheap safe boxes available in Singapore.

Yale Digital Safe Box

If you are searching for an affordable safe box, look no further than YALE Digital Safe. As YALE is also a trusted name in home safety, we have no doubt that it is truly one of the best safe havens in Singapore. In terms of construction, YALE Digital Safe is made of premium and high quality metal, so it won’t open easily even if someone tampers with it. It may be a cheap and best box, but it is still one of the best fireproof boxes in Singapore.

SereneLife Dropbox Safe Box

The most prominent feature of this safe box is its construction, which is made of strong steel. The safe box may be heavy duty, but it is easy to access and handle. It does not need to be opened as there is a simple “drop in” window for submitting papers or bills.

JIJI SG Digital Safe Box

The JIJI SG Digital Safe Box is worth considering for a cheap alternative. It features low carbon steel and drill resistant construction, which makes it the best safe box. It can have up to 32 fingerprints for quick access, but there are 6 additional options if you’re not sure if it’s secure enough. You can use a combination of passcode and fingerprint to make sure your valuables are safe so it’s almost impossible for intruders to tamper with them. This safe box contains two emergency keys, two master keys, and a user guide.


Secom offers a wide range of CCTV cameras in Singapore that will provide excellent protection against theft and vandalism. Their CCTV cameras enable you to create a virtual surveillance system that enables you to monitor and manage your work on site or remotely to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business.

To add more value to its customers, they offer a large number of Safe Boxes. They advise consumers on where to install cameras to improve the coverage and effectiveness of surveillance systems, taking into account operational requirements and ambient lighting conditions.

They also offer a wide range of CCTV recording equipment, from analog to state-of-the-art Internet CCTV surveillance systems to meet your security needs. A 24-hour control center is available to provide technical support and customer service requests.

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