Online Casino Trends Shaping the Canadian Gambling Industry in 2023

Canada’s casinos have largely taken an open approach to the developing online gambling industry. This approach has allowed Canada’s online casinos to benefit from numerous technological developments, and these, in turn, have helped the sector cope with global shifts in consumer behavior.

Despite restrictions on travel and venue capacity, Canada’s casinos have continued to grow through their online channels. The proportion of casino profits from online gambling is set to see substantial increases in the coming years.

In this article, Author Michelle Thomas covers tech and consumer behavior developments with the greatest effect on online gambling and casinos. Thomas is a Casino Canada expert on casino games trends; check out her profile for more.

With online gambling more commonplace now than ever before, casinos need to carefully consider how they react to rising trends to remain relevant. Read on for a list of the biggest casino trends in 2021 predicted to affect Canadian casinos in the next few years.

The Rapid Shift to Online Casinos

Even before the closure of indoor recreational facilities came into effect in Canada, online casino websites were already growing in popularity at a rapid pace. Technological advances —a trend in its own right— have allowed online casinos to make great strides towards increased accessibility, reliability, and transparency.

And, leading brands like the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation and the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation are leveraging their online presence to capitalize on the benefits new technologies offer to their bettors.

Canadian authorities are keeping pace with the influx of online bettors and the proliferation of online casinos. Casinos themselves have remained committed to socially responsible gaming practices.

As such, Canadian gamblers exist within a well-regulated online gambling environment, and it has never been easier to find a reliable, fast payout casino. Still, players are highly encouraged to spend their money responsibly and do their own research on the legitimacy of any online casino before making any payments.

Live Streaming

Apart from the potential to turn a profit, the social aspect of gambling at casinos has always been one of their main draws. And, until recently, this social aspect has been difficult for online casinos to simulate, given the limited degree of social interaction available to players.

In response, online casinos are using high-speed internet technology to live stream the dealers of more and more of their table games, offering their players a more genuine-feeling gambling experience. 

Along the same vein, players have taken to streaming their games on popular platforms like Twitch as a way to commercialize their pastime. These user-created streams run the gamut from table games, sports betting, and slots. 

Broadening Mobile Compatibility

An industry tech trend we see among the most popular online casino websites is a move towards compatibility with mobile devices. Many sites have invested resources into developing dedicated apps for both iOS and Android. In contrast, others have taken the route of cross-compatibility to enable their websites to run equally well on PCs and mobile devices. 

Players no longer have to put their bets on hold when they are away from home or on the move, as they can easily continue playing with nothing more than a phone or tablet and an internet connection. Among online casino trends, this is a leading contributor to the growing accessibility to players, both within the country and internationally.

Cashing in With Cryptocurrency

If you’ve been gambling online, you may have noticed that online casinos are increasingly beginning to accept cryptocurrencies as payment. The most commonly accepted cryptocurrencies are popular ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some online casinos have even encouraged these cryptocurrency payments by providing users with bonuses and incentives for paying with crypto. 

For players, cryptocurrency transfers are a quick and secure mode of payment that enables untraceable and anonymous gambling. At the same time, the security of the blockchain has even led some online casinos to allow players to make cryptocurrency payments without having to create an account. Consequently, cryptocurrency is certain to remain a dominant mode of payment and a powerful force in the online gambling industry.


Casino game trends such as live streaming and crypto payments have opened up new ways for players to enjoy their favourite casino games online safely. But, even with the safe environment and strong regulations for online casinos, users looking for the best online casinos still benefit from doing their own research.

The growing number of online casinos has been largely due to technological advances that have enabled greater security and convenience. The trends here are certain to continue heavily influencing the growth of the online casino industry moving forward.

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