Poker Terminology Explained

Whether you class yourself as a Poker dabbler or a complete newbie, there are a few things you need to know before being dealt a hand in a game of Poker.

One thing you need to know, or understand to a degree, is the terminology used within each game, whether this be played in person at a casino establishment or virtually via a casino online game.

You might need to brush up on your terminology knowledge, or want to know the basics to take a seat, physically or virtually, at a Poker table. Either way, read on to find out more about some of the words and phrases you may come across within a game or two of Poker.


This is the term used to describe when you, or a player, place all of their chips into the pot.


A term used to describe the discarding of a card at the top of the pile before each round begins. By doing this, it keeps the game fair and unbiased.


A call is the minimum amount of a wager you, and players around the table, must contribute to the pot before continuing with your hand.


This refers to the player who shuffles the deck and deals the cards out to all players around the table. When playing in a casino, there will be a dedicated person for this role. If playing online within a computer-generated game, the computer will take this role. If playing an online game that is streamed live from a specialist studio, the host will act as the dealer.


This term is used to describe when you, or a player, hold a hand consisting of five cards all from the same suit.


This described the moment either yourself or another player around the table, gives up and places their hand face down on the table. Not only are they giving up their hand, but also everything they have wagered so far into the game pot.

You or a player, will only fold when you believe your hand is too weak to compete against the other players.

Four of a Kind

This describes a hand that contains four cards all of the same rank. For example, you hold a hand that has four nines – the Nine of Hearts, the Nine of Diamonds, the Nine of Clubs and the Nine of Spades.


A term used to describe a structure of a game of Poker that has bets and raises capped at a fixed amount.


When two cards of the same rank are found within a hand. For example, the Three of Hearts and Three of Clubs.


A term used to describe the moment you, or another player around the table, wagers more than the minimum required wager to call, forcing other players around the table to put more money in as well.

Now you know some of the many terms and phrases used within a game of Poker, will you be using any when you next take a seat at the game table?

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