How to Set Up and Use a VPN? We Provide a Simple Guide for Every User

A virtual private network or VPN is somewhat unknown to many users. It is, however, learned that with it the user gets an additional layer of online privacy protection. Still, using a virtual private network at first glance looks like something complex and very expensive.

When a VPN is enabled on your phone, tablet, or computer, it can help prevent other people from tracking your Internet activities. This is more than a good reason to try using it.

Security Is the Last and Very Important Factor of a VPN

One more thing can be mentioned as an advantage of using a VPN for ordinary users. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may pass on your Internet activity data to other companies or individuals, i.e. even sell it in some cases. Not all ISPs do this sort of thing, but if you are using a virtual private network they will not be able to do it at all.

Of course, the last and very important factor of a VPN is security. As a virtual private network user, you get an additional layer of protection and privacy because your Internet connection is encrypted. This is extremely useful for ordinary users when they are connected to free Wi-Fi in cafes, hotels, airports, or shopping centers where there is a real danger of network hijacking and various forms of data theft.

Now, we do not want you to think that a VPN provides complete anonymity. It certainly does this to a large extent, but during your online activities, someone can easily determine your identity. It is enough to log in on a certain website with a username and password and you have already potentially revealed your identity here, meaning that even a VPN will not be able to help you.

The optimal functioning of a virtual private network depends a lot on the way you use the Internet and on the fact that you are aware of the situations in which it cannot help you.

How to Find a VPN That Suits Your Needs Best?

Although using virtual private networks sounds complicated, it is actually very simple in practice. Another myth about VPN services is that they are expensive. This is also not true as they typically cost a few dollars or pounds per month.

Before you go to the app store on your device, you need to make a choice about which virtual private network to use. They are not all the same, they have various price ranges, and it is not very easy to make a choice if you have no experience using them.

We therefore made a selection of the three most popular and most reliable VPN services:

  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • ExpressVPN

When you log into the websites of these VPN service providers, you will have a choice of different subscription duration options. In most cases, the following rule applies: a longer subscription means a cheaper monthly fee. Rate which package from the offer you like, but you must know that all forms of longer subscriptions are paid exclusively in advance, not monthly.

How to Install and Set up a Virtual Private Network?

Once you have paid for the selected subscription and created your user account, you will need to install the corresponding application on your device. This can be done directly from the official website of the VPN service provider by downloading the installation file or by searching the application store on your device.

You will need to launch the application after its installation is complete and enter your username (usually an e-mail address) and password. With some virtual private network service providers, the same procedure can be done using an activation code.

The first time you connect to a VPN, you will see a message asking for your approval to set up its configuration. You will click on “Allow” or a similar button and within seconds you will be connected to a virtual private network server which is often located in some remote countries.

How to Use a Virtual Private Network?

The explanations from earlier describe the basics of using a virtual private network. Yes, it is true – you need to open the downloaded application of the selected VPN service provider and click on the “Connect” button. In this way, the application will choose the server automatically – the closest one or the one that will offer a faster connection.

If you are a user of various streaming services such as, for example, Netflix, a possible change in your location due to the use of a remote VPN server may make it impossible to watch them. Many streaming services automatically block users who are connected via a virtual private network, but sometimes their policies are not very clear. You must be aware that using a virtual private network can cause problems with viewing content on streaming services.

Another widespread use of VPNs is for gambling activities because they, just like in the case of streaming platforms, are very much restricted in regard to geolocation. Accessing gambling websites and other online gaming or sports betting websites that are restricted in your nation can be done simply by using a VPN. To continue playing as normal, simply choose a VPN server location from a foreign nation when logging into the sports betting or online gaming website. But here is the catch: Since this is referred to as “gnoming” or “multi-accounting”, a bookmaker has the right to close your account and keep any wins that you are entitled to if they discover that you are using a VPN. This will occur even if you are not engaging in any unethical behavior. And, trust us, the best SMS online casinos and other highly regarded gambling operators in 2023 at are equipped with a plethora of tools to swiftly identify this.

Before deciding to choose a VPN service provider, check if it offers streaming service unblocking or the option to change VPN servers. The three VPN service providers that we mentioned earlier have it as they are also the most reliable options on the market. Changing the VPN server is also not something demanding for the user, and this option should be used in situations when you are connected to a VPN server in a country that does not support a certain streaming service.

Of course, you can always disconnect from the virtual private network with a simple click on the “Disconnect” button and watch the streaming service as you normally would.

How to Test Whether or Not the Selected VPN Is Working?

If you want to make sure that the virtual private network that you are paying for really works and that your real location cannot be determined, we recommend that you visit the following website: On it, you will find out all the details and the information that is your virtual IP address. 

Before connecting to the virtual private network, go to this page, record the information, and then connect to the VPN and check the information again on the page. You can test the location change by changing the country of the VPN server within the application and then noting the data entered on the website. If the data does not change during these tests, your virtual private network is not working well.

What’s the Difference Between Free VPNs and Paid Ones?

There are many VPN service providers in the market and some of them have free subscriptions.

Depending on what you want, a free VPN service could be good, but for most users, these are often very limited offers that have a very small selection of servers (which may not be located in countries that would suit you) and offer very low data rates. restrictions that are barely enough to watch streaming content. In some cases, cheap VPN providers may even sell your email addresses or internet activity data to cover their costs, but this happens very rarely and is mostly unknown brand names or start-ups.

The paid VPN service still offers hundreds or thousands of servers in locations around the world and there is no data limit, so you can visit and watch various types of streaming services without fear. In addition, you often have various add-ons that increase the overall value of the service, which is why most users decide to pay for a VPN service.


In the end, it can be said that the choice is yours if you want to use a virtual private network. Their use definitely needed to be demystified because it is a common opinion that it is an expensive and complicated service. 

In practice, this is not the case at all, and if you want to raise the privacy and security of your internet activities to an even higher level, try some of the offered, and at the same time very reliable, VPN service providers.

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