Tips for locating the best 19 inch monitor wholesale companies

19 inch monitor is a computer monitor with a size of about 19 inches diagonally. Also, these monitors are usually placed on the top or next to the computer and have built-in speakers to maximize their space-saving abilities. Searching over the internet, you will find hundreds if not thousands of wholesale companies that offer these products. But be careful when doing business with them because many fake sellers use our intention and take advantage.

Tips for locating the best 19 inch monitor wholesale companies

  1. Search thoroughly on search engines

If you are looking for a company that sells 19 inch monitor wholesale, then google is your best friend. There are many search engines out there, such as yahoo, bing and others, but google is the most popular one. The search engine has a very high success rate when finding the right company or person, in this case, so use it to your advantage.

Many people around you might know some recommended wholesale companies that sell wholesale 19 inch monitors. It’s probably because their friends or family have bought from them and they were delighted with their products and services so they would like to share their experience with others.

  1. Look for their official website

Most companies’ official links can be found on the internet. If you search for them on google, there will appear a link that says “official website” or just their company name, so click it and write them an email to ask for more details about the products they sell and if they have 19 inch monitor. If they don’t have any, then try to find another company. Knowing more details about them is better before doing business with them. Companies usually even share their address and contact information on their website, so look for it to contact them quickly.

  1. Search for more reviews

After you have found the official link of the company, try searching for some reviews about them. Many websites provide ratings and reviews about companies. If you haven’t explored yet, then do so because they will help you identify your ideal supplier or company. You will be able to know what are their qualities and weaknesses, if there are any, before doing business with them. It is also recommended to read their feedback and rate them according to your expectations; if you are not satisfied with the product they have offered, you can always cancel your order and ask for a refund if they provide it.

  1. Check if they are official or not

Many people nowadays sell fake products, so be careful to identify the company you should do business with. Usually, companies that sell counterfeit and low-quality products don’t show their address and contact information on the Internet. They just want to get paid quickly without any delay, so this is why they usually hide essential information about themselves and their company.


After finding the right company, the next step is shipping the product to your home. You will need to pay for that and a tracking number which they will provide you. You should be able to determine whether they have 19 inch monitor or not when they have it. If they don’t, they should let the package be because the buyer should be able to return their money if they decide not to buy from them.

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