How does a QR code menu ordering system work?

QR technology paves the way for the restaurant and hospitality industry to try out a digitized approach to catering to customers, especially now that strict guidelines are implemented due to COVID-19 restrictions.

A QR code menu software, another QR technology solution, allows restaurant and hospitality businesses to offer contactless and cashless transactions.

Your restaurant can use a QR code menu software to generate an interactive menu QR code and deploy these on tables or counters. These menu QR codes will allow your target patrons to browse the menu by scanning the menu QR code.

Let us first know how to scan a menu QR code before diving into the QR code menu ordering process.

How to scan a menu QR code?

Restaurants are leaning toward digitizing business operations to cater to customers’ comfortable dining experiences.

With the help of menu QR codes, your restaurant can switch from the traditional paperback menu to an interactive one. This is where customers can scan a menu QR code, and the code redirects them to your online ordering page.

Scan the menu QR code using the iOS

The newest iPhones, such as the iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max, and iPhone 5, require iOS 11 or higher to scan menu QR codes. You can scan a menu QR code using an iOS smartphone.

  1. Activate the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection on your mobile device.

Use cellular data or Wi-Fi to view the menu.

  1. Activate the phone camera.

You may access your camera app by touching the symbol on the Home screen, Control Center, or Lock screen.

  1. Scan the menu QR c using the back camera.

Hold the QR code stationary while focusing the device’s rear camera.

  1. Track the alert

A message will appear when scanning is complete, leading you to the digital menu.

  1. To open, tap the notice.

You can view the restaurant’s online menu by tapping the alert containing the link.

Scan the menu QR code using the Android

Android devices (under version 8.0 or higher) support scanning QR codes.

  1. Open a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Before scanning the QR code at your table, ensure your Android device is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

  1. Run the camera application

Click the camera icon on your Android phone to run the camera app.

  1. Bring your Android’s camera closer to the QR code by adjusting the distance.

Use the default camera on your mobile device to scan the QR code and ensure it will fit in the picture frame.

  1. Keep an eye out for the redirect link to appear.

A second later, the redirection link will appear.

  1. Access the restaurant menu by tapping the menu link.

Tap the URL and it will direct you to the restaurant’s online menu.

Easy, right? Here is how the QR code menu ordering process works.

QR code menu ordering process

The QR code menu ordering process works when a restaurant integrates digital menu software into its system.

Hence, the QR code menu ordering lets customers place meal orders for dine-in or take-out on their smartphones after scanning the menu QR code.

When using a QR code, placing an order is simple. If your business is in the restaurant and food service industry, you can quickly generate menu QR codes from a QR code menu software.

The restaurant’s digital QR code menu software has several features that benefit your company. In addition to assisting you in creating QR code menus, it allows you to manage numerous shop locations from a single account, translate menus for clients abroad, and monitor data analytics for a more in-depth strategic report.

  1. Create a QR code menu for the tables, chairs, and bars in your restaurant.
  2. Permit customers to scan the QR code on the menu.
  3. Customers can access your online ordering website by scanning a QR code on your menu.
  4. Customers can place orders, pay for them, and tip you independently on your online ordering website.
  5. You can check the status of each order and make updates as necessary in your kitchen dashboard.

Final thoughts

Knowing how to scan the QR code menu ordering process will help your restaurant run seamless business operations.

You can help out some customers who will need help placing their orders. Aside from that, you can also keep tabs on the management and kitchen process when orders are placed.

Hence, you can create strategic efforts to mitigate minor issues regarding the scanning and ordering process of menu QR codes.

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