16 Master Tips for Selling Real Estate via Whatsapp

The real estate market is finally showing its first sign of recovery after a prolonged economic crisis. According to National Real Estate Indicators, published by the Pakistan Construction Industry Chamber, at the beginning of 2019, launches within the segment showed an increase of 4.2% compared to the same period in the previous year’s quarter. This optimistic perspective was also leveraged by using new real estate marketing, which encompasses technological tools and highly relevant content optimization strategies.

One of the strategies used is to sell properties through WhatsApp. It uses one of the most popular social networks in the world focused on real estate sales. The tool, which has zero cost, offers benefits and artificial intelligence in the design that add value to the sale of real estate through:

  • The potential to bring companies closer to their customers
  • It helps to attract new leads
  • It makes business operations much faster and easier

Therefore, to help you implement a messaging application into your real estate company’s operational routine, we have gathered 16 master tips for selling real estate via WhatsApp. Here you will learn:

  • The advantages of using the application in your real estate
  • How to sell real estate on WhatsApp
  • Frequent errors
  • Techniques that have worked
  • Results that can be achieved by using the tool

With these tips, you will be able to leverage the productivity and sales levels of your business.

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What are the advantages of selling properties through WhatsApp?

The main advantages of selling properties through WhatsApp are:

  • Platform free of charge
  • Generation of qualified leads
  • Privacy and quality improvement in customer service
  • Contact personalization
  • Increased engagement of potential customers

After all, WhatsApp is currently the largest messaging platform in the world. There are more than 1.5 billion users spread across the globe, according to the company’s website.

In Pakistan, the latest record points to 130 million people connected to the application. According to a report by the startup Opinion Box and the portal Mobile Time, 89% of smartphone users use the social network daily.

The popularity is so great that the app has gained an “affectionate nickname” among its users and has become called “zap zap”. Given these numbers, it is easy to understand why WhatsApp has been used as a marketing and sales tool by companies in the most different areas, such as the real estate market. This is WhatsApp Marketing.

In fact, its relevance in the business world has increased significantly after the acquisition of the messaging app by Facebook (US$19 billion). That is why, to get the best results, selling real estate via WhatsApp presents itself as a powerful and high-return solution (when the strategy is well applied).

Below are some advantages that using WhatsApp adds to the stages of the property sales process and marketing actions.

#1. The platform is free

Right off the bat, we start with an advantage that will make your company’s finance department happy. In addition to not charging anything to download, WhatsApp allows you to send messages for free to a contact base without additional costs, which can be interesting for your strategy.

Unlike other social networks – such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – the reach of content sent on WhatsApp is not limited by algorithms. In these social networks, to increase the number of people reached by the message, it is necessary to pay for advertising or invest in sponsorship.

Therefore, selling real estate via WhatsApp is financially advantageous. You do not have to pay more to communicate in real-time and with as many leads as you want.

#2 Qualified Lead Generation

Through WhatsApp, it is easier to identify and qualify the leads that appear in your real estate CRM. The contact between broker and client is much more direct, and the communication established strengthens the ties between your real estate company and your lead.

Consequently, this allows for a deeper understanding of your potential buyer’s needs, questions and desires. It is also helpful in generating more sales. This technique has helped in generating more leads for https://www.skymarketing.com.pk/nova-city-islamabad/

In this way, selling properties through WhatsApp can generate a drastic increase in your conversion rate, also considering that the platform allows the construction of more personalized and strategic messages.

Therefore, the triggers made by your real estate company can be even more persuasive, generating sales closing.

#3 Privacy and service quality 

This advantage makes much difference when companies start selling properties through WhatsApp. Because the software offers privacy by design, the client feels much more comfortable establishing honest and direct communication with the broker.

Thus, such a connection generates more reliability, humanization, and optimizing the relationship with your customer. In other words, the tool increases the quality of customer service.

Another advantage that the privacy of the application brings to the business is that if there is any dissatisfaction on the part of your buyer, the situation will not be automatically exposed on the networks, in addition to having the possibility to resolve it directly and quickly.

Download the free infographic “6 Steps to Quality Service in Real Estate”.

#4 Engagement 

According to a survey by DigitalDefynd, on WhatsApp, about 70% of messages are viewed within minutes.

This is a huge advantage for those who want to sell real estate via WhatsApp, as public engagement happens quickly and closely.

16 Foolproof tips on how to sell real estate on WhatsApp

There are persuasive scripts to sell real estate via WhatsApp and efficient approaches and mistakes that you should avoid.

To organize your sales management, learn about 16 infallible tips to sell real estate via WhatsApp and how to achieve even better results in sales.

Tip 1: Create a strategic plan 

Do not get upset. Before you send messages to sell properties on WhatsApp, have a clear idea of ​​how your brand will be positioned through the platform.

After all, this will guide the posture adopted by your team of brokers – from the first approach to the closing of the purchase – and also the content that will be shared. With a strategic plan, your real estate company will have cohesion and coherence in all operational processes.

2nd tip: check your client’s availability

Even though it is used by almost everyone, not everyone is comfortable receiving messages from unknown or corporate numbers. So, in the first contact with the customer, be cordial and ask if he is available to maintain this exchange of messages. It demonstrates that you respect your buyer and value their willingness to make contact.

3rd tip: use WhatsApp Business

The messaging platform makes it possible to use a version for companies: WhatsApp Business.

For business purposes, WhatsApp Business can be very useful for medium and small businesses.

It features a series of functions that will help you sell more, such as:

  • The possibility of using a landline phone for registration. This makes a huge difference to customers who are already in contact with you
  • The business metrics are always essential for the application of sales strategies. Thus, they inform the numbers of messages delivered, sent, read and received, with the right to labels to mark customers with information such as “payment made” or “order pending”.

It is a way to organize your business operations better when dealing with the customerBottom of Form. We promise not to use your contact information to send any SPAM.

Tip 4: Keep it Professional

Once the client is willing to talk to your team of brokers, use a language close to that used in the application itself.

But do not forget! It is very important that you find the balance between personality and a professional attitude since professionalism should never be left aside!

Therefore, when selling real estate via WhatsApp, try not to be inconvenient or impolite. It brings us to the next tip.

5th tip: do not harass your customer

Plan a schedule for the messages triggered by your team of brokers and respect the proper times. So, do not fill your customer’s WhatsApp with numerous notifications. That is annoying!

Try to respect business hours and those times indicated by them. Wait for your messages to be answered before sending new ones.

6th tip: do not spam

If, on the one hand, selling properties through WhatsApp adds more personality and humanization to the customer, sending generic and ready messages generates the opposite effect.

Instead of feeling connected to your business, your lead will be more distant. After all, you will be breaking the trust your customer has in your brand, most likely, irremediably.

7th tip: allocate a number just for this

Never link a personal number to your real estate WhatsApp Marketing actions.  You, as a manager, need to separate a device and telephone line just for this purpose.

After all, confusing personal life with work can cause numerous logistical, financial and even relationship problems. So, avoid mishaps.

8th tip: be available 

Unlike your client, who does not need to be willing to establish contact with your team of brokers, you, on the other hand, have an obligation to be available to answer their questions and get in touch.

It helps to improve customer communication. Therefore, to sell properties through WhatsApp, give other possibilities and indicate all the channels your leads can contact your team. It gives your real estate trustworthiness.

9th tip: Do Not Leave our customers “in a vacuum.” 

Being available to your customers means responding as quickly as possible. Therefore, not responding to all your customers is a very serious mistake.

In addition to causing a breakdown in communication, this can tarnish your real estate image and even generate a loss of prospects.

So, do not leave your leads “in a vacuum” at all.

Tip 10: Segment and Optimize Your Lead List Contacts 

When adding the number of your customers, try to assign different classifications based on the purchase stage they are in, taking into account sales funnel metrics.

So, when building and triggering automatic messages for each MQL, you can be very specific and organized, not losing humanization, even in more generic messages

Tip 11: Customize your customer service as much as possible 

It is a strategy that can skyrocket your conversion rates when properly applied to WhatsApp. After all, you have already noticed that the tool allows a more personal and humanized approach.

So, personalize your communication with the customer: address him by name, find out if he likes to be addressed by “you” or “sir”, always review the information he gave you so you do not lose context, etc.

In addition to attributing reliability to your real estate, this factor makes the lead much more susceptible to closing the purchase.

12th tip: use WhatsApp together with a real estate CRM tool

Selling real estate via WhatsApp alone generates great sales results, but using the platform combined with a real estate CRM will further optimize the results you can get from using the platform.

If you choose a CRM that integrates with the WhatsApp platform, you can have direct access to your contacts in the app without having to transfer numbers manually.

In addition, there are numerous other technologies, such as apps, systems and chatbots, that will make communicating with your customers more efficient, as well as managing your real estate will become much more practical.

13th tip: use the web version of the application

Using WhatsApp directly from your cell phone is quite practical. However, its web version is also very advantageous because, when writing each message, the broker will have a better view of the content and will be able to structure his message better.

In this way, the customer will receive a message free from the famous spelling errors caused by the mobile spell checker and with the most organized information.

Therefore, the web version of WhatsApp helps avoid ambiguities and can give more clarity to the message.

Tip 14: Submit content that is easy to view and share

When designing content shared on WhatsApp, consider that it needs to be easy to upload, view and share.

After all, you do not want to bore your customer but make them interested in what you have to say. It is also interesting for your real estate company that your material is shared among many people.

Therefore, prioritize sending short texts and few images and, in the case of videos, always pay attention to the file size and whether it will be possible to download it only using the mobile network (4G).

15th tip: use broadcast lists for groups

We confirm throughout the article how important it is to personalize the messages sent to your leads, but that does not mean that mass messaging should be abolished.

This is valid in specific situations, such as on commemorative dates, the announcement of promotions and the like.

In these cases, WhatsApp broadcast lists are a great strategy to generate engagement and establish communication simultaneously with many of your customers. In addition, it is a feature that adds agility to the process.

It is because, through them, messages sent in bulk can be personalized and targeted to each type of lead but, once again: used sparingly.

16th BONUS TIP: Count on the help of a company specialized in technological solutions

This bonus tip is for you who want to enjoy well and cohesive management that gives results. This benefit applies not only to WhatsApp but also to other technological communication tools.

Currently, it is possible to find companies specialized in developing, implementing and structuring systems for real estate companies that optimize each process that integrates the routine of a real estate company. When you look for technological solutions, prefer a company that has the market experience and is consolidated in the segment, such as Sky Marketing.

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