Why opt for substrate development

Blockchain technology is here and is successfully showing a positive impact on society. The technology has entirely restructured the transaction process, and the way data is stored and shared. Blockchain’s primary concern is to improve traceability, security, and transparency in every industry. This is why big companies are massively adopting this emerging technology. 

However, building a blockchain platform from scratch is a difficult task. It requires so many complex processes like writing consensus code and implementing low-level network protocols. Continuous scaling and updating are required in the blockchain. A substrate framework is becoming an ideal solution for developing blockchain-based applications these days. It is a feature-packed modular framework with all the fundamental components required to build a robust blockchain platform. 

This article will give you a brief overview of Substrate development and why to choose it for building decentralized applications. 

What is Substrate development? 

Substrate is an open-source framework useful for building customized blockchains. They run autonomously and do not depend on any external technology to run. Substrate developers are at ease when it comes to building future-proof blockchains for any use case. This is because the codes are field-tested and academically researched, which helps developers build highly flexible blockchains quickly. 

Substrate is the primary blockchain software development kit (SDK) comprising rich tools and libraries that were at first used to build Polkadot layer-0 and now can be used to create any blockchain. 

Benefits of Substrate development

The Substrate framework is simply ideal when it comes to developing a blockchain platform. The framework equips developers with all the latest tools to ensure the platform’s overall performance and smooth running. You can hire a substrate development company for the complete development of blockchain applications that deliver results. 

Here are some of the benefits of utilizing Substrate development services. 

Open and customizable 

Substrate is the most open technology for building blockchain networks. This is because of its open-source license, customizable architecture, rich tooling, and active community. Substrate’s feature-packed ecosystem can provide you with a competitive edge. 

Fast and convenient

With Substrate processes like data layering, networking and consensus become easy and fast. One can use some default components to start the development process. Substrate pallets are also used to build the runtime of the blockchain. 

Rich tools 

Substrate development comprises high-quality tools used to build highly efficient blockchain networks. This comprehensive set of tools enables faster development, deployment and debugging of blockchain applications. 


It is not necessary for Substrate development to include only building smart contracts. Instead, one can create their own functions, ensuring high-level security of the network. Furthermore, these functions can be modified with the onchain upgrade mechanism without having to start from scratch. 

Future Proof 

Using Substrate, you are always ready to incorporate new innovations as they come along. There are a long list of the pallet to choose from or an opportunity to add specific functionality with their own. Their flexibility allows one to enhance existing pallets or create new ones as per needs. 


Substrate development services offer interoperability without comprising compatibility, security or efficiency. Besides choosing parameters such as gas cost, governance, and consensus, one is also allowed to choose how blockchain is to be deployed and how it would communicate with other networks. 


Substrate is a modular framework that contains all the functionality to build a future-proof blockchain. Substrate development is expected to grow innovatively with all the necessary support it provides: from installation to running customized blockchain in the fastest way. One can hire substrate developers to build robust blockchain and dApps who are well-versed in the architecture of the SDK framework.  

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