Varisty and Letterman Jackets

Varsity and letterman jackets are well-known clothing articles. These stylish jackets are popular among the youth. It is amazing how American sports gave birth to these trendy jackets. 

You must know that varsity and letterman jackets are interchangeable terms, so they both have a similar structure and appearance. There are some minor differences in detailing, like different use of patches.

Moreover, prestigious educational institutions played a key role in redefining American fashion through varsity and letterman jackets. In the 60s, students were given these jackets for being selected for the sports team of a university or school. It seemed like an appropriate fashion piece. The varsity and letterman jackets also symbolize the subcultures of 80s fashion. 

These jackets are available in polyester and wool body with leather sleeves which is the most common style. The huge variety of color combinations in these jackets also boosts the visual appeal and design. Some of the most popular color combinations are red and white and green and white.

Let’s explore this guide that will help you learn how to style varsity and letterman jackets.

  1. Customized Jackets

One of the best ways of styling these jackets is customization. You can get different patches and embroidery designs added to the jacket according to your choice. 

Every individual has a different fashion taste. You need to analyze what type of patches you want on your jacket. It could be any logo, letter, or number of your choice.

Also, to add custom patches on a jacket, you need to approach reliable and high-quality patch designers. You may consider contacting UltraPatches, as they have got an experienced and competent team of designers. They can provide you with valuable insights and make good recommendations according to your patch requirements.

Youngsters prefer different options when it comes to customization. It includes the school or college name, own name, sports name, and team name. If you want to get the patch of school or college name, consider placing it on the left side of your chest. It is usually embroidered with the fabric.

Another custom patch option is any activity or sports. If you want a similar patch, then ensure that it is on the right side of your chest. Also, students use lapel pins to represent their sports symbol. 

You can also go for the school logo along with your year of graduation. It can strengthen your bond with your team members if you are part of a sports team in school. Usually, these patches are attached to the sleeves at the top area. 

If you want the patch of your team’s name or mascot, then get it on the back of your jacket. It makes the patch appear more prominent, which enhances the look and feel of the jacket. 

  1. Oversized Jacket

The oversized letterman and varsity jacket is baggy and comfortable, which also ensures stylish appeal. The baggy jacket is also one of the latest clothing trends, so you must try an oversized jacket.

Although, you must consider your body structure and analyze which color combinations will suit you the best. You can also consider the beige letterman jacket in oversized options and wear it with a black T-shirt. To get a hip-hop look, you may wear a black bucket hat with white sneakers. 

  1. Red Jacket

Another way to style the varsity jacket is to go for the red color. You can try different combinations with red color as it provides you with plenty of styling options.

Firstly, you can wear a black T-shirt with cargo pants of the same color. The red varsity jacket has appealing graphic stripes on the shoulders. It would be the perfect combination to get a vibrant look. Try wearing a pair of Converse with this outfit that will elevate your style and look.

  1. Blue Jacket

If you want a flashy style, go for the blue varsity jacket. Blue color maintains a neutral tone and can work well for individuals from all age groups. 

There are different possibilities of outfits with a blue jacket. Consider wearing a white T-shirt with grey jeans. To add more flavor to this outfit, get a pair of blue sneakers that will make you stand out even in the crowd.

You can also go for the relaxed look option if you want to appear uber-stylish. Try wearing a casual white shirt and camo pants with a blue jacket. To give a finishing touch to the outfit, you can wear tan suede boots. 

  1. Black Jacket

The benefit of having the black varsity jacket is that you can wear it at any time of the day. You may even consider it suitable for any occasion, as a black jacket can be the perfect choice for casual outfits. It provides you with different outfit options.

You can try a grey shirt with charcoal jeans and a black jacket. The black chukka boots would be appropriate in this case. 

If you want to adopt a more casual approach, then you must try the white hoodie with black joggers. You may also try white sneakers for a proper casual look. Finishing the look with a black varsity jacket will give you a killer look. 

  1. Black and White Jacket

If you want versatility in your dressing, then you must try the combination of a white and black letterman jacket. It will help you create an attractive outfit without putting in much time and effort. To get the dandy look, you can wear a neck T-shirt in white color with black jeans.

  1. Grey Jacket with Black Sleeves

Here is one of the most trendy outfit combinations that can help you create amazing attire. It is regarded as one of the best combinations so far. The light grey letterman jacket with black sleeves can give you a modish look.

You can also try this combination with blue jeans and a roll neck with grey color. The grey suede shoes would be the perfect footwear option for this combination. 


The varsity and letterman Jackets provide you with a wide range of color and design options. You can even go for the customized option according to your fashion sense and preference. Whatever jacket combination you try, ensure that it suits your personality and that you can easily carry it with you anywhere.

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