Northwest Indiana’s Escape Rooms for Kids & Adults

Are you looking for a unique, creative way to spend an afternoon with family and friends? Escape rooms are a fun, interactive way to test your skills and solve puzzles. Northwest Indiana has many Escape Rooms that offer an exciting experience for kids and adults.

LockedinattheLake is Northwest Indiana’s highest-rated escape room provider, offering themed rooms perfect for team-building, parties, or an evening out. This business offers the ultimate escape room experience with professional staff and high-quality puzzles. You can pick the perfect adventure for your group with four distinct escape room themes – The vault, the lake house, the missing piece, and under the stars.

Locked in at the Lake: Four Adventurous Room Themes

A riveting escape room adventure awaits you at the Lake, northwest of northwest Indiana (NWI), in Cedar Lake. With four separate areas, there’s one thing for each age and stage. Fill 60 minutes with non-stop action and book today!

The Vault

You and your friends are present in this apartment’s lobby, but some of your friends are being held for ransom in the bank’s vault. It’s up to you to get them freed, but they’ll assist, too. They’ve a lot to resolve, so your teams must collaborate on different techniques to get the hostages out.

Once you release hostages (usually halfway), you will all work together to achieve the final objective – thrill-pilling excitement! This chapter, including up to 4 participants, can be performed in a solo or group format.

The Lake House

Your deep connection to the rich history of Cedar Lake gives you pleasure during a 60-minute journey inside the Ball family lake home. The sole remaining Ball occupant has set up a complex task in hopes of locating suitable heirs to the Ball fortune. However, he has yet to do an easy job; only the ideal heirs will inherit this historical wealth. Could it be you?

Under The Stars

That is a very immersive escape room! You’ve gone hiking with your friends, and now you are lost in Whispering Woods. You must work as a team and use the starlight to find your way out before the sun rises! This room is a mixture of technology along with locks.

The Missing Piece

You have been invited to night with your pals, where the winner takes all! The trouble is that after you have your games, you discover one piece needs to be added to every sport. You have only one hour to resolve each game and find all the pieces missing. This is all the idea behind a larger showRaid-like game show! It’s the combination of tech and locks!


Northwest Indiana’s four adventurous escape room themes at Locked in at the Lakeare ideal for families and friends. They provide an exciting and immersive experience that will challenge you, whether you are a kid or an adult. Each theme contains unique puzzles and tasks that require problem-solving, communication, and teamwork. Whether it’s The Vault, The Lake House, Under the Stars, or The Missing Piece game rooms, locked in at the Lake offers something for everyone!

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