Dedicated Teams or Staff Augmentation: When to Use Which?

The Dedicated Teams and Staff Augmentation are the best solutions for the projects. These two outsourcing models help organizations reduce time and cost, improve work efficiency, and enhance project capacity. The dedicated teams and Staff Augmentation both have their benefits, and many companies give their project to third parties or, let’s say, outsourcing teams. 

In this digital age, many startups want to work with IT solutions, but they don’t have enough developers to fulfill the requirements of projects. The main thing is they want to work with clients, but they face many difficulties in hiring an in-house team. Thus, there is a need for dedicated teams or Staff Augmentation. 

Here the main question is which is better, dedicated teams or Staff Augmentation? The solution to this question is covered in this article. They both have their advantages, disadvantages, and model. With your requirement you can refer the benefit of two then decide which is preferable for your business need.

How Do Dedicated Teams Work?

A dedicated team approaches to web and app development from a business perspective. A dedicated team model includes the client, the outsourcing company, the worker, the developers, and the dedicated testing team.

The specialists on the committed team are selected with the client’s needs in mind and their experience and skill levels. The client can take charge of the team or give the service provider project management duties.

Advantages of Dedicated Teams

There are many different advantages of dedicated teams or staff augmentation, but you can hire dedicated developers who can help startup businesses to grow fast, on-time project delivery, and quick turnaround of the developers towards the particular company. 

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness is one of the most essential advantages of a committed workforce. You would have access to full-time staff for less cost than you had recruited an internal developer. 

  1. Good Management

A lack of transparency is one of the biggest problems, particularly regarding conventional outsourcing methods. With the assistance of a committed staff, you’ll have access to continuous feedback, enabling you to quickly alter the projects without experiencing many delays. Is it available in both dedicated teams or staff augmentation? The answer is yes. 

  1. Long-Term Collaboration

The ongoing integration is the best advantage of dedicated teams. Long-term projects can help organizations to evolve the modifications. These long-term projects need step-by-step supervision to execute projects properly. 

When to Use The Dedicated Team Model 

Now you know the exact work of dedicated teams and how it works for organizations; they also have many advantages. The dedicated teams’ main advantage is reducing the time and resources to hire in-house developers. Let’s talk about when to optimize the dedicated team model.

  • For ongoing, long-term initiatives that are evolving and might last indefinitely.
  • When you don’t have the time or budget to recruit devs locally.
  • When you are inexperienced in leading and managing software projects.

How Does Staff Augmentation Work?

This approach is ideal when you already have a team of specialists on staff, but the new project calls for a distinct set of abilities that your team does not possess. As a result, you may use hand-picked team members from the supplier organizations rather than going through the time-consuming hiring procedure. So, the dedicated teams or staff augmentation is very different in themselves.

People somewhere consider staff augmentation and outsourcing as the same thing, but these two are different from each other it can not be comparable. The proving business takes care of the remaining work after more projects are outsourced.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation

When a company receives a big project and wants to put the best people into the project, and get stressed down and finish the project. At that time, Staff Augmentation helps the company make projects simple, profitable, and scalable and puts it on the big picture to fulfill its objectives.

  1. Best Quality With Low Cost

If you have an essential project requirement and need one or two specialists for it. So you can choose the Staff augmentation option to hire specialists for a few weeks or months. You don’t need to hire permanent developers in your organization. You can reduce the cost with this. 

  1. Choose The Best Skills

You need help for business projects, and you target the specific skills for your specified projects. You will find the best people with staff augmentation. It will help you to hire specialists and a set of skilled people for project requirements.

  1. Discover Objectives

You may receive a more objective evaluation of how things are going by adding a temporary employee to your team.

When to Use Staff Augmentation Model

Now you know the exact work of Staff Augmentation and how it works for organizations; they also have many advantages. Staff Augmentation’s main advantage is to give specialists for specific projects and more objectives to the company. Let’s talk about when to optimize the Staff Augmentation model.

  • You need team members with greater skill levels.
  • You hope for improved team communication.
  • You must quickly add members to the team with knowledge in IoT, Dart, software development, etc.


You need to know which one to choose, dedicated teams or Staff Augmentation, and when to use which? Here is your answer; if you have long-term projects, you need a dedicated team to finish your project. Secondly, if you have a short-term project, you need Staff Augmentation to hire specialists to fulfill your projects. 

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