Why Can’t You Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram? – Guide

You can’t search for multiple hashtags on Instagram because you’ve breached or violated Instagram’s terms and policies. Instagram has certain content rules that content should follow in order to not give an inflammatory message or hurt the community of others on the platform. Any other inappropriate or not the acceptable activity is not allowed.

If your content contains any of the things mentioned above, then it will be difficult to search for multiple hashtags for your post. Even though Instagram may shadow-ban you for engaging in certain prohibited activities, you should still be able to perform searches and other activities freely.

Why Can’t You Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram?

The two main reasons for this issue can be that content with Hashtags violates the T&C of Instagram, and another reason can be Shadowban.

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Let’s discuss these two reasons in detail:

Content Associated with Hashtag violates T&C:

Instagram has established Terms & Conditions to help ensure users don’t post content that could hurt others or provoke negative reactions. These include things like religious statements, inflammatory language, and other potentially offensive material.

A user has to consider every single other user when posting content on Instagram. However, if the content is considered inappropriate, Instagram will delete it or sometimes not even let the user post it. If Instagram hashtags are associated with content that violates terms and conditions, then you will not be able to search for that content using multiple hashtags.

If you’re Shadowbanned:

If you’ve been noticing that your content or activity is suddenly not appearing on Instagram, it’s possible you’ve been shadow banned. Shadow banning is a form of the ban that’s not openly acknowledged by the platform. It’s usually done in response to a user breaking platform guidelines or engaging in inappropriate behavior. If you think you’ve been shadow banned, the best course of action is to take a break from the platform and try again later.

If you break the rules and Terms of Use on Instagram, they will shadow-ban you. This means you can’t post, search hashtags, or perform other activities. If you can’t search multiple hashtags on Instagram, you’ve either selected the wrong content or violated Instagram’s rules and terms of service.

Video on How to Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram:

What Causes Instagram Shadowban?

Shadow banning, also known as ghost banning or comment/activity ghosting, is the act of making a user’s content or activity invisible to other users. It is the practice of blocking or partially blocking the user and their content from some features. This happens in such a way that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned.

Your account has been shadow-banned for posting a picture, story, or video. This activity will not be visible to other users using the platform.

The main cause of Instagram shadow banning is that the user has violated rules and terms & conditions. In order to avoid a shadow ban, users must post content that adheres to Instagram’s guidelines. Hurtful, inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate content is not tolerated by Instagram or any other online platform, so such activity can lead to a shadow ban.


If you’re not able to search multiple hashtags for your post, it may be because Instagram is preventing you from doing so. This can be due to a number of reasons but is likely related to some inappropriate activity on your part. If you stop engaging in this activity, your issue should resolve itself within a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the limit on hashtags for Instagram?

The limit for adding hashtags to any of your posts is 30. It is suggested not to add more than 5 hashtags to your post. The 5 hashtags have to be relevant and strong enough to attract users’ attention and go viral on Instagram. The number of hashtags does not matter, but the quality of it does.

What happens if I use more than 30 hashtags on Instagram?

You can add as many as you want, but Instagram will only display 30 hashtags under your post. Even if you post more than 30, only 30 will be visible to your followers.

Understand how the Instagram hashtag algorithm works so you can use them more effectively. Only 30 hashtags will be visible under each post – no more. However, it’s best to use fewer, but strong and popular hashtags that are trending and relevant to your content. This is equivalent to using 30 hashtags.

Is it bad to use too many hashtags on Instagram?

Not bad, but definitely looks spammy and irrelevant. Using too many hashtags gives the appearance of spam, and too much crowding looks unprofessional.

Even if you use too many hashtags, it can make your post difficult for others to understand. Try not to use too many hashtags on Instagram.

How do I search multiple tags on Google?

Googling anything is super easy. To search for multiple hashtags on Google, just open the Google search engine and type in the keyword for your content, followed by multiple tags for Instagram posts. Hundreds of results will appear within 1 second.

Does the order of your hashtags matter?

The hashtags you use for your posts should be strong enough to make the post viral, attract users, and more & more growth, trend, and most importantly there should 2 to 3 permanent hashtags that you be adding under each post of yours. That’s it. Quality of hashtags matters but not the order or number.

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