10 Reasons Every Student Should Have a Laptop

It’s not new to see a student walking with a laptop in their classroom as everything is getting a touch of technology. A laptop is a perfect combination of portability and efficiency for any student.

A laptop can act as an efficient organ if used thoroughly by any student for study purposes. You can do almost anything study-related on a laptop, from taking notes to research study materials. A laptop will be helpful for a student to develop and practice a new skill aside from their academic curriculum,

If you’re having second thoughts before buying, stay tuned with us to know the top 10 reasons you should own a laptop as a student.

Top 10 Reasons For a Student to Own a Laptop

Reasons For a Student to Own a Laptop

Many parents think that buying their kids a laptop can only hamper their concentration on the academic curriculum. But their easy portability and efficiency feature makes them more useful for any student. Such as, if you’re studying nursing, then cheap laptops for nursing students would help you research and take notes in the class.

Here we’ve gathered the top 10 reasons why you should consider buying a laptop to use for your study.

  • Writing

Carrying a laptop with you to the class can be very helpful as you won’t be needing any notebooks or books. You can use docs, notepad, or Microsoft Word to write anything you want. This way, you can avoid carrying around the weight of the notebook.

Downloading the pdf version of your academic book is another benefit of using a laptop for study purposes. Some of the books your teachers refer to can be heavy, and carrying them around can be pretty stressful. So using the pdf is a way to escape from the stress and pressure. 

  • Note-taking

While being in a class, you may end up taking lots of notes using small notepads. There’s a high chance of losing them or messing them with other subjects’ notes. Taking electronic notes using docs is much more flexible and fast than handwritten ones.

With Many newly added features in Google docs and Microsoft, one can easily organize the notes. You can use the prominent keywords to search for any relevant topic to your study. Not only that, digital notes are available for backup and are accessible anywhere and anytime, even if you don’t have your laptop with you.

  • Group Work

Being a student, you have to commit yourself to many group works, whether for projects or an assignment or arranging an event. Using a laptop for any group activity lessens the workload for everyone. You can easily share related resources by creating a group on Facebook with your groupmates. Uploading your assignments or project on clouds will allow others to quickly see and work on their part.

And also, as laptops are lightweight, you can carry them anywhere, making it easier to work even in a gathering with your group mates.

  • Topic Research

  • Communication

It was hard to communicate with friends after classes in the 2000s as the communication techs weren’t affordable for everyone. As technology is developing every now and then, communicating is becoming easier for everyone.

A laptop will give you access to any social media if you can connect it to an internet connection. By using Facebook, g-mail, and many more available options, you can connect with the internet.

  • Skill Development

Skill Development

And to learn these skills, one won’t really need a highly functioning computer. Any affordable laptop can now help you to work and practice these skills on your own. With the help of internet resources.

  • Completing Assignments

From the cover page of any assignment to writing the essay, a laptop can be beneficial with a digital version rather than submitting a handwritten one to your teacher. You can show your creativity by adding many relevant pictures, diagrams, and graphs to the topic. If submitting online is allowed, adding a relevant video can be very interesting.

  • Affordable

Laptops are comparatively affordable than owning a desktop. Moreover, you won’t need to buy any extra accessories for a laptop as they come with a keyboard and touchpad. But with computers, you have to buy each part separately, which only adds a large number to the bill.

  • Staying Updated with Technology

Surfing the web from a laptop will help you get up to date with the world and technology news. It’s also important for a student to know the world and their surroundings besides studying.

And as technology is emerging with almost everything in our life, knowing the latest news of the tech world is a must.

  • Entertainment

Being a student doesn’t mean you can not have fun and enjoy yourself. Owning a laptop means you get to have lots of fun during your breaks. You can watch movies and documentaries and listen to songs too. Many studies have said that listening to soothing music while studying can help students have more concentration.


With all the given reasons, now you must know why as a student you should own a laptop. We hope that the reasons were well enough to help you understand the importance of a laptop for a student.

Building up a strong network or community, studying more with the help of web resources, and many more benefits can be gained by owning a laptop. If the article was helpful for you, feel free to write a comment or a suggestion below.+

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