Do I really need to call a lawyer after a truck accident?

Unfortunately, truck accidents can often cause catastrophic personal injury due to the sheer size and weight of the commercial truck. A passenger vehicle seems tiny in comparison to a commercial truck and the carnage left behind in one of these traumatic accidents is reprehensible. Victims are left dealing with physical, mental, and emotional trauma as they endure extensive medical treatment for their injuries. To compound matters, they are rarely able to work, and the trauma only intensifies as the bills pile up. 

Only experienced highly skilled truck accident attorneys can help fight for your rights in a semi truck accident lawsuit and get you back to a somewhat normal life. Many victims try to avoid involving attorneys as they sulk in the pain of denial but that is the worst course of action you can take. Partnering with the right attorneys who are skilled in negotiating and litigating commercial truck accidents is the only way to protect your rights so you can focus on healing and move forward with your life. 

Here’s why it’s necessary to call a lawyer after an accident with a commercial truck. 

They investigate on your behalf. 

Skilled commercial truck accident attorneys get to work immediately investigating your claim and the cause of the unfortunate accident that left you traumatized and severely injured. They have contacts like expert witnesses and specialized investigators who know exactly what to look for to prove your claim. 

They’ve been in the business long enough to know what type of tactics the large trucking companies will use to attempt to deny paying your claim. If they can’t deny it altogether, they will try to minimize their payout. Your best defense is a good offense and that involves partnering with experienced truck accident lawyers early in the process truck insurance provider in California

They have extensive resources. 

Not only do great commercial truck accident lawyers have extensive experience in the industry but they also have multiple resources at their disposal. These attorneys utilize administrative staff to file timely claims and request records that the layperson may have trouble accessing. They can pay for the right type of specialized accident investigators to reconstruct the scene of the accident and they can call expert witnesses who can support your claims. 

Commercial truck accident lawyers also have access to multiple other industry connections who may be beneficial when it comes to negotiating a settlement or litigating your claim in court. The cost of these resources adds up over the life of a claim and may be cost prohibitive for someone who is struggling to heal and unable to work. 

They are skilled negotiators. 

Great commercial truck accident lawyers are skilled negotiators. Many cases settle out of court for undisclosed amounts that benefit both parties. The right attorneys know how to negotiate to maximize the value of your claim and the offer you get from the insurance company. They know which buzzwords to use and when to walk away from the table. 

Commercial truck insurance lawyers often have teams of attorneys working on their side. Their job is to minimize the value of your claim or deny your claim altogether whenever possible. Their only obligation is to their client which is the insurance company. Partnering with an expert attorney of your own levels the playing field and prevents the commercial truck insurance company from taking advantage of you. 

They know which medical tests and treatments to request. 

Nobody wants unnecessary medical treatments. However, these large commercial trucking accidents can be catastrophic in nature. Your attorney’s extensive experience in the industry affords them knowledge that can greatly benefit you. 

Not only will they help ensure that you get the adequate and extensive medical treatment necessary for your injuries, but they also know which types of tests need to be performed after accidents of this nature and magnitude. Not all symptoms manifest immediately. Partnering with a great attorney can help ensure that all potential relevant medical treatment is addressed in your claim. 

Don’t wait to call experienced commercial truck accident attorneys. There is a statute of limitations involved in making a claim after an accident with a commercial truck, so time is of the essence. It is critical to seek the counsel of experienced commercial truck accident attorneys immediately because crucial evidence can be lost in time. Memories fade and it can be difficult to locate witnesses if you wait. Contacting the best commercial truck accident attorneys immediately following a devastating accident is the best way to preserve your rights and maximize the value of your potential claim. They will fight for your rights and ensure you get the proper medical treatment so you can focus on healing and caring for your family. Don’t hesitate because you do not have to endure this alone. Contact skilled commercial truck accident lawyers today.

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