Placing Your Trust in a New York City Auto Accident Attorney

In New York city with a population of eight million-plus, car accidents are unfortunately a routine part of everyday life.

Potential car accident victims include vehicle drivers, their passengers, bus commuters, pedestrians, bicyclists, and others who are traveling back and forth in the five boroughs.

In the aftermath of that kind of New York auto accident scenario, people often wonder ‘do I need a lawyer?’

If the incident appears to be just a minor fender-bender, and who’s responsible appears well defined in terms of, say, any property damage, probably not.

Assessing the Level of Harm

If, however, you’ve suffered serious injuries with short-, medium-, long-term implications, or if the scope of the injuries are unknown until you (or a family member) complete a treatment protocol, the answer is most likely yes.

This is especially relevant if there is a dispute over who caused the crash in the first place.

An attorney who specializes in car accidents and the law that applies can professionally provide the necessary assistance, guidance, and strategy that will serve you well, including putting you in touch with appropriate medical providers to provide a diagnosis and treatment modalities even before claims benefits commence.

Legal services also include a thorough investigation into what happened, which again can be key if the parties disagree over who is responsible for causing the accident, and thus which driver is actually on the hook for money damages.

In that context, determining liability as a matter of law could be decisive in your claim for financial compensation.

Other important services include gathering additional compelling evidence about the accident and the scope of your injuries, along with collecting, preparing, and submitting required documentation to insurance companies, and negotiating a potential settlement with them that is fair and just to you.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

With a lawyer handling the file, much of this administrative detail should occur seamlessly and in a businesslike fashion while you can exclusively concentrate on recuperating from your injuries.

It’s worth noting that Interacting with an indifferent or fast-talking claims adjuster (whether under your no-fault coverage or that of the person who caused the car accident) is usually no picnic, even under the best of circumstances. 

This is a much better option, moreover, than an accident victim on his or her own who may not be fully informed of all the nuances in play and who impulsively accepts a low-ball offer — and then deeply regrets it later.

At least get an opinion from a New York city auto accident Attorney before you sign off on any settlement.

Taking It to the Next Level

If a settlement falls through and a claim escalates to the next level, i.e., to court, you’ll want a car accident lawyer who is fully skilled in litigating a civil lawsuit from its inception all the way to and through trial.

Apart from the substantive issues, the technicalities and esoteric rules alone that govern a civil case are quite complicated and challenging to keep track of.

A procedural miscue could result in a dismissal, which is one the reasons why representing yourself as an outsider in the New York court system is seldom, if ever, a good idea.

Contact a Highly Qualified New York Car Accident Lawyer

As top-quality and knowledgeable advocates for justice, Gregory Spector & Associates, P.C., bring a wealth of both negotiation and trial experience to the table to protect your rights insofar as seeking a full measure of financial compensation for your car accident injuries.

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