How to delay or schedule sending an Email in Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is an awesome email client that comes with Microsoft Office. People already know about its great features and support. You can get official support from Microsoft, and almost all types of email accounts are supported by Outlook.

Anyway, suppose it’s often that you make mistakes while writing emails. Or, suppose you often send the wrong reply because you have more than one email address that’s similar. Or, there might be any number of reasons, but if you want to make a correction after clicking the SEND button, here’s a solution.

What is the process for Outlook to deliver mail after clicking the “Send” option? Outlook delivers mail right after clicking the “Send” option. It does what it says.

This tutorial attempts to teach you how to schedule or delay sending all messages in Outlook 2019/2016. If you get time even after pressing the Send button, you can edit the email again according to your wish.

In order to delay or schedule the sending of email messages in Outlook, you do not have to install any other software or add-in. This is possible by creating a rule. The rule will automatically run in the background and will delay the sending.

Schedule or Delay sending an email in Outlook

To delay the sending of a single email, in the new email box, click on the Options link and then click the Delay Delivery button. In the opening box, you can set your Delivery options, date, and time.

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Defer sending of all emails in Outlook

In Outlook, you can use the Rules Wizard to delay the sending of all your emails. Let’s learn how to create such a rule or filter in Outlook that can delay delivery. Please note that this tutorial has been executed on Outlook 2016 and you can use the same steps on Outlook 2013. But I am not sure if it will work on other older versions or not.

To create a rule in Outlook, first open Outlook and click on Files > Manage Rules & Alerts, or click on Rules in the Home tab and select Manage Rules & Alerts. Here you find all your rules. Just click on New Rule to create a new one.

On the next screen, select Apply Rule on messages I send to start from a blank rule section and hit the Next button.

On the next screen, you can find different options and checkboxes. You don’t have to select anything. Just click on the Next button. It will ask you whether you want to apply the rule to every message you send or not. Just select Yes.

Here, you will get some options. Just select Defer by a number of minutes and click on the ‘a number of’ link in the info box.

Now, select the number of minutes and hit the Next button. Give your rule a name and hit Save.

Now, whenever you send an email, Outlook will delay sending it to the recipient by the selected number of minutes.

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