Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks and eBook download – Detailed Guide

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email and calendar apps. Some tips and tricks can make it even more productive and efficient. We will talk about some interesting and useful Outlook tips and tricks. These tips and tricks will help you stay organized and save time.

Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks

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Attach a file

With this simple trick, you can attach any type of file to an email quickly. No matter what kind of file it is, Outlook has a shortcut to attach the files directly to your email. Write a new email and click on “Attach File” in the ribbon and it will display the entire list of files saved on your PC. Select the file you want to attach.

Add Bcc

In Outlook, you can Bcc (blind carbon copy) recipients so that their names are not visible to anyone else. To do this, create a new message, then click ‘Bcc’ on the Ribbon. Every time you create a new message, the Bcc option will be available.

Turn a message into a meeting

Microsoft Outlook’s “email to meeting” feature lets you quickly turn any email into a meeting request. All you need to do is open the email and press CTRL+ALT+R. This will add all of the email recipients as attendees and allow you to set the meeting’s time and location.

Set an Automatic Reply for your vacation

In case you are unable to check or reply to emails, setting an automatic reply is the best option. You can use any message as an automatic reply to your emails. The most commonly used replies include “Out of office” and “On vacation”. To do so, go to Mail -> click on File -> select Automatic Replies -> type your message -> click on OK.

Change Outlook Colors

Customization is a popular feature, and Microsoft Outlook gives you the ability to change colors to suit your preferences. You can choose between black, white, dark gray, or colorful. To change your Outlook theme or colors, go to File-> click on Options & select Office Theme. Please note that if you change the theme or colors in Outlook, it will also be applied to other Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, etc.

Outlook Tips & Tricks eBook

Microsoft has released an eBook that documents all these Outlook tips and tricks. The eBook explains the tips and tricks in simple language and also includes explanatory screenshots. Overall, the eBook includes tips and tricks which will surely increase your productivity. Download it here.

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