Key Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development

As indicated in a Statista report, the App Store, together with Google Play, contained more than 5.2 mln apps as of the third quarter of 2022. This number intensively rises. Entrepreneurs launch mobile applications because over 85% of people worldwide have smartphones today. Moreover, mobile internet technologies are developing actively nowadays. For example, 5G networks were available in 70 countries as ща June 2022 compared with 38 states in mid-2020.

Experts note custom mobile app development as one of the preferable ways to create smartphone software. The mentioned service is recommended to order at reputable IT platforms (such as Business owners risk wasting funds on low-quality products when cooperating with doubtful development agencies. And now, let’s clarify the main advantages of software made by reputable developers.

Pros of Custom Apps for Smartphones Compared With Mobile Websites

Applications suit small, medium-sized, and large businesses. At the same time, mobile versions of sites are typically created for plain desktop online platforms. So, custom apps have more processing power. Consequently, such software may contain many more helpful functions. Thus, if you have, for example, an e-store with a huge assortment that many filters may sort, mobile site creation is not an option. The other custom app pros are:

  1. More personalization features. For instance, if your brand strives to highlight the individuality of each separate consumer, you should order custom mobile app development.
  2. Possibility to implement push notifications. Applications can send notices about new promotions and sell-outs. Furthermore, apps with GPS tracking features may notify consumers, e.g., that they are passing your real-life shop proposing certain goods at favorable prices. This helps keep regular customers interested in your brand.
  3. Ability to operate without an online connection. Mobile apps allow the introduction of functions that may work offline. Such a benefit is especially helpful if you promote your product in areas with unstable internet connections.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that applications can operate more smoothly at a huger load compared to mobile sites. This feature is particularly essential if your business has periodical demand peaks (e.g., related to seasonal trends).

Other Pros of Custom Mobile App Development

Initially, it’s worth noting that applications typically have high-security levels. So, your customers may safely store their personal details or private documents in apps. Moreover, mobile software commonly has great backup options. Thus, even if an application fails, you will be able to restore data.

Analysis Tools and Scalability 

Most applications provide their owners with comprehensive analytical features. So, entrepreneurs may obtain monthly reports about their customer preferences. Also, custom apps allow you to determine your clients’ average ages, financial statuses, etc. This helps make more attractive offerings for them.

Furthermore, qualitative custom mobile applications typically have great scalability options. Such an advantage allows you to properly serve your customers even when the number of your customers grows dramatically.

Compatibility With Third-Party Software

This feature enables cooperation with several other enterprises. So, you can easily implement additional functions proposed by partners into your custom app or connect the application to their servers running any OS. The mentioned advantage also allows the creation of joint promotions and raffles.


Custom mobile app development enables entrepreneurs to get a reliable channel to serve their customers. Moreover, applications can help you improve your ongoing marketing strategies. That’s because such software allows setting push notifications, GPS tracking, and so on.

Custom apps for smartphones are much more versatile than mobile websites. This is because applications suit businesses of any size as well as can process huge amounts of information. Furthermore, mobile apps stand out for their reliability and safety. You can get additional info about the mentioned software pros, e.g., at the Intetics official website.

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