Roblox Introduces AI Powered Chat Translation

Roblox has made it easier to chat with people in-game. Over the coming months, Roblox will be rolling out an automatic chat translation, allowing people to easily communicate in all 16 different languages supported by the game. This will make an already social game more social.

Roblox’s Automatic Translation

The team behind Roblox claim that their system is an AI-powered auto translation service, although this is more likely a buzzword, since everything seems to be classed as AI nowadays. It is just a sophisticated translation system.

When a player types in another language (let’s say Korean), the message will automatically be translated to a language the other players can read. So, that same message may appear in English for one person, and in French for another. As mentioned, – over 16 different languages are supported by the system.

One of the cool things about this system is that it is a real-time translator. As soon as a word is typed, the word is automatically translated. It is far faster than systems used by other games.

Why the Automatic Translation Has Been Introduced

Roblox has a lot of players. Over 70 million people login to the game each day, and they send over 2.4 billion messages per day between them. On average, one in three interactions in the game are not understandable without translation.

The whole reason why Roblox have decided to introduce the automatic translation is to improve the socialness of their games. They tested it out for a short while before it was rolled out Roblox-wide, and the Roblox team found that the automatic translation led to more positive interactions in the game, and people ended up having a lot more fun. They even stayed in the game for longer which, of course, means they are more likely to buy Robux, which is really the main aim of the Roblox team.

The Future of Translation in Roblox

At the moment, Roblox does not have any plans to expand beyond the 16 languages already covered in the game. Although, this could always change.

We do expect that the machine translation in Roblox will get a lot better. We’ve tested out the system, and it is evident that there is some sort of translation going on in the game, although it is not a major issue. As time goes on, expect it to be less obvious that translation is being used, which will likely lead to even more positive interactions in the game.

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