Luminar Neo Review: Innovative image editor powered by AI

Luminar Neo Review: Innovative image editor powered by AI is one of the most powerful and demanding photo editors on the market today. It offers a variety of AI-based tools that can automatically improve photos, as well as a variety of traditional editing tools. This makes it an ideal choice for professionals who need a powerful and sophisticated editor that can help them enhance their photos, even if they were not taken in the best condition.

Luminar Neo Review

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Luminar Neo offers a powerful collection of AI-powered tools that significantly improve function and performance. Let’s take a look at this powerful image editor.

Innovative image editor powered by AI

There are many image editing tools in the market, but Luminar Neo AI is the best. It has features that are not found in other tools, such as the ability toadjust white balance and exposure simultaneously. More importantly, it is able to do it intelligently, without the need to enter specific values. This is beneficial for photographers, where the camera may not be set to automatic, and you need to tweak the settings manually.

Luminar Neo Features

Luminar is a popular image processing app for cameras. It’s been used for several high-end post-production tasks, including special effects. The software will learn your color and lighting preferences and design your images so they look fantastic.

1] Portrait Background Removal

If you’re done waiting for the next big flash of light to clear away your photo’s background, Luminar Neo can help. This app uses artificial intelligence to erase background objects like clouds and trees in real-time. Other apps have similar features, but Luminar Neo is the first to offer it all in one place.

2] Clean dust spots automatically

The Dust Removal feature ensures to remove dust without masking. That said, it can also remove dirt and spots which appear because it was already on the lens. The AI can reproduce what could have been there looking at the entire image. The process is similar to how it can remove the background image, but on a micro-level.

3] Remove messy powerlines with AI

The software can automatically remove powerlines from your photos. On photos with powerlines, the lines will appear as muddy streaks. Luminar Neo can detect these lines and remove them from the image with no human intervention, resulting in a powerline-free photo.

4] Achieve perfect bokeh with any lens in any light

The software uses tools such as Focus and Defocus to achieve perfect bokeh in any condition. The editors will have to interview to make these adjustments manually, but the results come out fantastic.

5] Other Features of Luminar Neo

  • Layers
  • Using RAW images as layers
  • Ability to use one editing tool multiple times
  • Built-in library and management of Textures & Overlays
  • Application of any editing tool to any image layer
  • Save all the layers with images and masks as a Preset/Look/Template for double reuse.
  • Applying a few Presets /Looks/Templates to one image with own unique masks.
  • The speed of an editing tool is not determined by how many tools are used on an image.
  • Mobile sharing and editing tools are becoming increasingly popular, with a growing number of AI tools
  • available to help users create and edit content.
  • You can import and manage photos in the catalog.
  • Sync editing state
  • Export multiple images
  • Plugin support for Adobe Photoshop and Light Room
  • RAW Files support

6] Artificial Intelligence Features

  • AI and Luminosity Masking
  • Portrait Background Removal
  • The AI-powered sensor can Dust Removal/AI Power Lines Removal/AI Relight automatically based on image depth.
  • Sky replacement/enhancement/structure: Adding a new sky to your image can really enhance the overall composition. If you have an image with a boring sky, try using a sky replacement filter to add some interest.

If you’re wondering how Luminar Neo differs from Luminar 4 and Luminar AI, it’s the faster core engine, relighting options, layer-based workflow, image removal, and mobile app. While these features were previously available in other tools, they work much better with Neo.

Luminar Neo Packages and Price

Luminar Neo is coming out in February 2022 and will cost USD 104. You can also get both Luminar and Luminar Neo for a total price of USD 183. The company is offering a Cyber Monday deal where you can get Luminar Neo for $79 and Luminar and Luminar Neo for a total price of $108. There is also a 30 days money back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with the product, get a full refund within 30 days.


Luminar Neo is a great tool that is powered by AI! It makes fixing issues, adding special effects, and editing images a breeze! With a few minor adjustments, the photo editors will be able to achieve outstanding results. If you do not want to use tools such as PhotoShop because they are tough to learn, then Neo looks perfect. Since the software comes with a free trial, investing in it is worth it as you will have enough time to experiment, learn, and then decide if it’s worth switching to it. Highly recommended!

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