How To Find Someone On Social Media By Phone Number

If you want to find someone on social media using their How To Find Someone On Social Media By Phone Number, you’ll need to save the number to your device first. Then, upload your contacts on the social media app to find the account associated with it.

You can use tools like Intelius, Been Verified, and Spokeo to search for and find social media accounts linked to a phone number.

Enter the phone number you want to search for in the search box on the reverse phone lookup tool, then click Search.

The results of your search will be displayed on the next page, along with any social media profiles associated with the phone number.

Truecaller can help you find the name of the person who owns a phone number. You can then use social media apps to find that person’s profile.

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How To Find Someone On Social Media By Phone

If you want to find someone’s social media accounts using their mobile number, there are a few different methods and tools you can use.

1. Upload the Contacts to Apps:

Applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat allow you to upload your device’s contacts onto the app. This allows users to find each other more easily on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Most accounts on social media platforms are linked to phone numbers. When you upload your contacts to the app, it will start to find the accounts that are linked to those phone numbers.

The Only the saved contacts are uploaded on social media apps, not the whole call log. If you’re trying to find accounts linked to a contact number, save the number on your device and then upload and sync the contacts on social media apps.

2. Use Phone Reverse Lookup Tools:

There are some tools you can try:


The social media search tool of Intelius helps you find the links of the social media accounts associated with a particular phone number. You can use it to get the details about the owner of any phone number, and it’s free. The interface is very simple, and the tool keeps the information and databases updated.

This reverse phone number lookup can search up to 50 social platforms for the owner’s information and links to associated social media profiles.

It can show you pictures of the owner, their personal details, and more.

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the tool page from the link below:

Step 2: After you find the profile you’re looking for, enter the phone number of the person in the box that says “Enter Phone Number.”

Step 3: Please click on the search button and then confirm your action.

Step 4: The results will be displayed within one or two minutes.

Step 5: Do not refresh or close the page while the countdown is running or the process will be disrupted.

Video on How to Find Someone’s Social Media:


Spokeo is an excellent social media finder tool that can help you locate accounts using a phone number. With access to more than a billion records, it can provide you links to the social media accounts associated with any number you search for.

It’s a free web-based tool that can be used from any device.

It can show you social media pictures in the results as well as uncover the location of the phone number. It offers a quick and hassle-free search with advanced filters.

Here’s how to find someone on social media by phone number:

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Spokeo link below to find out: Open the Spokeo tool from the link below to find out more about the person you are researching.

Step 2: In the “Enter a 10-digit phone number” search box, type in the number.

Step 3: SEARCH NOW button.

Step 4: On the Results page, you will be able to get links to the social media profiles associated with the phone number.

Been Verified:

Been Verified is a trusted tool you can use to find social media profiles associated with any number. It has gained millions of users in a very short span for its efficient service. The tool can find you the links to the profiles, as well as show you the latest post made by the account user.

Social Media Tracker is a great tool to find out the profiles of people on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. You’ll be able to get all this information for free. It can even track down the location of the owner and its background details.

Been Verified can also help you determine the age, gender, carrier, and type of phone number you are searching for. The results of your search will be emailed to you for safety reasons and will not be shown directly on the website.

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Access the Been Verified tool from the link below:

Step 2: Enter the phone number you’re looking for.

Step 3: Click on the search button to find what you’re looking for.

Step 4: It will only take a few seconds to find the profiles associated with the number.

Step 5:You’ll be asked to enter your email address on the input box on the next page. Enter it and click on submit.

If you have the phone number of the user, you can use the Truecaller app to find out the name or caller ID. Truecaller helps you find the owner’s name of any number for free.

If you use Truecaller to look up a phone number, you can find out the name of the person who owns it. You can then use that information to search for that person’s social media profiles.

After you get the profiles, you can confirm them by verifying the phone number of the user from the About or information section.

Here’s how you’ll need to perform this method:

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Install the Truecaller application on your device to help screen calls and protect your privacy.

Step 2: Open the application and create an account.

Step 3: From the Calls section, click on the dial pad.

Step 4: Type in the phone number.

Step 5: The number you’re calling from will automatically display the caller ID, so you’ll know the name of the owner.

Step 6: Visit any social media app and then enter the name of the user you wish to search for in the search box.

Step 7: In order to find a profile from the search results, you will need to select the profile and then click on the “Get into it” button.

Step 8: To confirm you’ve found the correct profile, you’ll need to verify the phone number from the account information section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Find People’s Social Media Near You?

If you’re looking for people near you on Instagram, the Nearby People feature is a great way to find them. Just search for the location on the search box, and you’ll see the top and recent posts from that location. The users who have uploaded those posts are the ones who are likely near you.

2. How to Search for Users by Phone number?

You can find a person’s name, age, gender, and social media accounts by their phone number using online tools and apps.Reverse phone lookup tools allow you to enter a phone number to find out someone’s details. Truecaller is one app that lets you find a Caller ID for any phone number. It also shows you the location of the number.

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