This step-by-step guide from thetennispredict will show you how to wrap your overgrip like a pro.

Overgrip is one of tennis’ unsung heroes. Take a moment to consider this! As well as protecting your tennis racket grip, this thin strip of fabric connects your hand to the racket. A sweaty hand is the last thing you want when you’re going for a match point while your racket is slipping around in your sweaty palm. You can get a best overgrip for sweaty hands on your racket when it matters most by using a good overgrip that absorbs moisture and offers a slightly sticky surface.

Overgrips are used on rackets to grip them, but what exactly is an overgrip? This is the perfect place to ask your questions! Your racket’s handle or grip is wrapped with a long strip of material known as an overgrip. The overgrip helps you maintain control when things get sweaty so you can feel the ball more easily. There’s no denying the popularity of Wilson’s Pro Overgrip for tennis players.



  1. Get rid of your old overgrip if you still have one.
  2. The sticky side of the Wilson overgrip will face out when you wrap it around the racket handle once it has been unrolled and removed from the plastic back.
  3. Overgrips are rolled with long grip tape on the inside, which you will see when you unroll them. Don’t throw it away, but keep it handy – you’ll need it later.
  4. Wrap the overgrip around your racket as you locate the adhesive tab on the tapered end of the overgrip.
  5. Now comes the fun part, wrapping! Start wrapping your racket from the left to the right after adhering the adhesive tab to the bottom.
  6. As you move up the racket handle, overlap your wraps as you make one full wrap along the bottom. There should be a 1/8-inch overlap between each area.
  7. Wrap your racket’s handle tightly with the overgrip to avoid wrinkles.
  8. Make sure you wrap your replacement grip all the way to the top of the handle.
  9. Overgrip will probably be a little more noticeable at the top. The excess can either be cut off with scissors or wrapped around again.
  10. To secure the grip, wrap the grip tape around the top of the handle you set aside in the beginning.
  11. That’s all there is to it! It’s time to hit the court with your racket!

Your overgrip will need to be changed more often the more often you play. Overgrips should be changed when they feel and look different, there is no rule of thumb. As long as you play at least one game per week, changing your overgrip should be a good rule of thumb. It’s recommended that you change your overgrip once a month if you play twice a week.

Grips might take a bit of practice, just as any new skill does. Athletes, however, become accustomed to gripping the racket with ease. They are even capable of doing it without even opening their eyes!

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