Ditch Your Traditional Phone Line: 3 Reasons to Use Online Phone Numbers

Online phone numbers, also often known as virtual phone numbers, are a feature that many experienced internet users are aware of. Most often they are used to bypass verification via SMS, register multiple accounts on the same website or app, or maintain greater privacy on the web. Nonetheless, some people choose not to use them because don’t know about the advantages they such numbers bring to the table. Below we will take a look at the main reasons why it is worthwhile to use online numbers.

Simple to get

The fact that online phone numbers can be obtained and activated within minutes is their strongest advantage. You don’t need to work for a well-known commercial corporation, run some business, or have special permission for this. None of this is necessary at all to buy an online phone number.

Furthermore, it also doesn’t matter where the potential user is located. Online numbers are operated through specialized platforms on the web, which means that it is possible to take advantage of them from any country in the world. The only thing that is needed is any modern device with an internet connection. Those platforms are made to be easy to use, so, even newcomers won’t face any difficulties during the process.

Enhanced privacy

Data leaks and hacks are quickly becoming the norm for online services. This is relevant even for big and well-known platforms like Facebook. Due to this, nowadays it’s crucial to safeguard your privacy wherever you can when using the internet. Online numbers are the perfect solution in this case as they:

  • Don’t require providing private data. You don’t have to disclose any personal information to operate these numbers. It remains completely concealed.
  • Cannot be tracked. Every number has a static location that doesn’t change when its user moves anywhere. Even when traveling between countries it stays the same.
  • Not designed for regular texts and calls. If for some reason number gets leaked, there is nothing to worry about. It is not possible to use them to disturb the user with spam text messages and calls.

Summing up the above, it is clear that online phone numbers are an awesome instrument for enhancing privacy when using different websites and apps. For example, everyone can operate fake China phone number for verification and become more private online than ever. But there is one more thing that makes them worth using.

Option to create unlimited accounts

Every website and app that requires users to verify their mobile phone number doesn’t allow using the same number more than once. This means that those who have just one phone number can’t create two or more accounts. Of course, it can be solved by purchasing additional SIM cards. However, using online numbers instead is way better decision.

First of all, online phone numbers are far less expensive. They rarely cost more than $1. If there is a need to create many accounts, the difference will be really significant. Secondly, there are literally no limitations on how many of them one person can activate. It can be difficult to obtain SIM cards in bulk, while when it comes to getting online numbers it’s only about the goal and financial capabilities. You can operate thousands of numbers without any difficulties.


Online numbers are a perfect solution when using a personal mobile phone number for registration is not an option. They are also a great tool for registering numerous accounts on the same platform or simply becoming more private online, not to mention that they are available everywhere and their affordability. There are multiple advantages to them that make their use worthwhile in many different situations.

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