How To Effectively Decrease Distraction With A Office Background

Virtual meetings can be subject to numerous distractions. From off-screen interruptions in your immediate surroundings as a meeting organizer or the locations of participants to on-screen distractions, there are many reasons to consider using virtual office backgrounds. Setting up a custom Zoom background with logo can eliminate many potential sources of distraction during video calls and conferences.

Having a Professional Appearance

The unique features of real-life backgrounds are some of the most distracting aspects of virtual meetings. Even if your living or working environment is neat and decorated with online video in mind, it is still necessary to frequently clean and stage any part of a home or workspace that will be visible on camera in a professional context.

Regardless of how organized a real background appears, any identifiable details pose distractions. Using virtual office backgrounds is easier than striving to make a part of your home or workspace always look as generically professional as possible. These backgrounds also make it easier to keep other people or pets out of the frame.

Camera angles are less of a concern when you are using a virtual background. You can focus primarily on lighting and clothing choices to enhance your appearance in front of your preferred office background. Rather than readying your surroundings, you can focus on your goals for a meeting.

Keeping Your Audience Focused On You

Whether you choose to use free Zoom office backgrounds or upgrade to access a wider variety of premium backgrounds, the minimalist design of these virtual offices encourages an audience to stay focused on you as the presenter. 

Free backgrounds have a watermark that could compete with your choice of a logo. Upgrade to a premium license to ensure that your logo and on-camera presence are the focal points of every call or conference.

Most virtual office backgrounds have single-color plain walls and generic decor that looks pleasing and professional without drawing too much attention. While your audience is likely to appreciate the appearance of your surroundings, these backgrounds do not feature books with visible titles or bright colors on shelving, distinctive views or other real-world distractions.

Selecting a Suitable Office Background

Look for an office background with a color scheme that complements a business logo or your on-camera outfit. The palettes and design options for free office backgrounds are more limited than the wide range of premium offices.

Choose a conference room background to give your audience the perception of collaboration. Backgrounds that feature fewer seats let you to stand out as the representative of a company or organization. You can also choose from formal or casual background decor schemes based on the type of operation or the purpose of a virtual meeting.

The virtual office background you choose should be a good fit for the company you represent and the subject of a video call or conference. For the most options for professional presentations, you should upgrade to access premium office backgrounds that eliminate many potential sources of distraction during video calls and virtual meetings.

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