How to Increase YouTube Subscriber’s Activity

YouTube channels need to be “maintained” well. Of course, if you are serious. But how? Is it just by producing interesting content? Of course, quality content is the “soul” of any YouTube channel, but maximum results cannot only be achieved with regular content production. Of course, the end is content but what? Today there are many YouTube channels that “drop” because even though they have many subscribers, there is little audience activity on them. If you don’t want your channel to end up like them, you need to read this article.

What must be done first is the analysis

How can you “cultivate” your YouTube channel well without analyzing it? Do you want to do it randomly? Randomly? Of course not, right? You need to analyze and to be honest several aspects need to be analyzed, for example, your visitors, customer activity, their engagement, and other things. We will start with the most important thing, understanding the characteristics of your subscribers!

Your subscribers are not inanimate objects, therefore their behavior is important!

Understanding your audience, especially your customers, can start from understanding their behavior or, more precisely, their response to certain content. You definitely know the content on your channel that “provokes” the most active responses. The signs are that they are popular content and you can start from there. Produce content that will attract your subscribers to comment and the “SEO of your channel” will improve if it is done consistently. As simple as that. But be careful not to fall into “monotonous publication.”

Make sure your content is useful

Useful content is content that provides benefits to your customers, for example, tips and tricks that they can use “in real life.” Of course, sometimes it is difficult to “align” between the benefits and type of content of your channel but you should try and stay consistent. Not all of your content has to be useful, but make sure some of it is truly useful. If your channel is a gossip channel then useful content may be less relevant.

Use YouTube channel analysis tools

YouTube video analytics are very important. There are many YouTube channel analysis tools that you can find and they can help you analyze important aspects such as the input and output of your YouTube channel subscribers. This way you can understand whether your channel is in a positive trend or vice versa. If your channel is in a positive trend, you should keep it there or if possible increase it. And if your channel is in a negative trend, you have to find out what the problem is and then “get rid of it.” In this case, of course, the video content is not liked or does not receive proper comments. As simple as that!

Customer engagement

Customer engagement is defined as how much they interact with a particular piece of content. There are many points related to it but as a first step, you should probably focus on how long they watch the content. There are many analysis tools that can be used and most of them are free!

In the end, it all comes down to engagement and retention!

And all your efforts to increase your customer activity actually boil down to just two things; engagement and retention rates. We have already discussed engagement, while the retention rate is related to how strong a piece of content or, in a broader scope, a channel, is able to maintain people’s interest in watching over time. Good content may be able to change the interest of viewers into customers.

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