Technical Aptitude Test Preparation What You Should Know

A technical test battery is another name for exams that measure a candidate’s technical ability. They are often used in the pre-employment screening processes for positions such as machine operators, technicians, and mechanics. Technical aptitude tests, in contrast to more generic psychometric examinations, are geared specifically for jobs that need a certain level of mechanical or technical expertise. The examinations may incorporate certain components of verbal thinking or numerical reasoning; nevertheless, the questions will be connected to the industry and job for which you are applying.

In most cases, the technical aptitude exam will concentrate on the following:

  • Understanding mechanical ideas and exhibiting a working grasp of related theories are both components of mechanical reasoning.
  • In addition to spatial awareness and inductive and diagrammatic thinking, visual abilities also include a knowledge of spatial relationships.

Keep in mind that the questions on the technical examinations will pertain to your understanding of items such as tools and machinery.

The following are 7 suggestions on how to improve your preparation for these examinations that are more technical:


When it comes to preparing for any form of pre-employment test, the thing that is the single most important thing you can do is practice. When it comes to assessments of your technical ability, practice may help you grow in use of the format of the questions. Putting yourself in the mindset of an actual test is the best way to learn how to respond to questions in a timely and accurate manner. Check out these pointers for doing well on exams of technical assessment.

Identify the publisher

Find out who the publisher of the test you are going to take is so that you can make your preparation as efficient as possible and get the most out of the experience. It is possible that this information will be given to you as part of the application process; otherwise, you may require to contact the recruiter. SHL and Korn Ferry are two of the most popular exam publishers, and you may acquire practice tests from them. Also, make certain you are familiar with the exam format. Details about the format of the exam and the time restriction. This will make the practice assessments more useful.

Refresh your theoretical knowledge

Prior to taking the test, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the basic principles of both mechanics and physics. This will allow you to use your knowledge more effectively. It is beneficial to review the basic ideas that underlie phenomena like gravity, pulleys and levers, electricity, force, and sound. Even if you do not need to review the fundamentals of elementary physics.

Exercise your critical thinking abilities again

The emphasis of technical aptitude tests is on your technical abilities. But you should be prepared for certain questions that need you to read, comprehend, and evaluate data before drawing a conclusion from it. During the verbal reasoning portion of the exam. You will be given a piece of text, which is often connected to the job function. And also, you will be required to extract information from it.

In the area of numerical reasoning, you will be given diagrams, tables, or graphs, and you will have to do some elementary mathematical operations in order to get the correct answer. You will be given a series of pictures or forms to work with in either diagrammatic reasoning or inductive reasoning, and your task will be to determine what is missing from the set or what follows after it. If you practice questions like these, it will help you improve focused reading skills, fundamental arithmetic knowledge, and prepare you to detect patterns, all of which will contribute to your ability to do well on the exam.

Never undervalue the importance of spatial thinking

Learning how to manipulate forms in three dimensions is becoming an increasingly crucial skill in technical and mechanical tasks; thus, growing comfortable picturing things in diverse ways (such as mirror images or unfolded shapes) can help you enhance your performance in these roles. Video games, in particular first-person shooters and driving simulations.  This provides an excellent opportunity to hone one’s spatial awareness and is highly recommended. Check out some helpful hints for the assessments that measure your spatial awareness.

Brush up on technical jargon

Working on solving the difficulties that you are expected to face is a good idea. But if you do not feel comfortable with the language that will be in use on the technical aptitude exam. Your efforts to solve the problems will not be helpful. Make a note of any terms that are unknown to you, and check them up later. It is beneficial to make a list of these terms or phrases. And then review it periodically to test your knowledge of them. Accomplish not forget that it is essential to not only grasp what the word or phrase refers to. But also, what you could be asked to do if and when it appears on the exam. This is because understanding the meaning of the word or term is just half the battle. Reading technical papers and articles in the media might also be helpful in this regard.

Have a backup plan for times when you’re not sure what to do?

On any given exam, there is a good chance that you won’t know the answer to at least one of the questions. If anything like that occurs, try not to freak out. You have a few options available to you that will offer you the greatest possible chance of doing it properly.

Ignoring the solutions and re-reading the question while depending on your intuition to provide you with an answer is the first step. After that, check to see if anything fits up. Second, get rid of anything that you are certain is inaccurate. Third, try to solve the issue by using the concepts that you’ve picked up throughout your review, and see if you can arrive at a solution that is comparable to or the same as any of the others that are still in the race.

Even if you are still not certain, you have at least reduced the number of options, which provides you with a higher probability of being correct than if you were to just speculate.

Final words:

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