Top 9 Ways to Earn Money as a Health and Wellness Blogger

For many fitness bloggers, online tutoring is a reliable source of revenue. This is where you provide one-on-one coaching to customers via live platforms. For personal trainers, using online personal training software will help simplify the process.

Blogging has transformed the world by motivating people and providing them with vital information. In today’s world, anytime someone seeks knowledge on a specific issue, they turn to search engines, where they discover a blog post or article dedicated to that topic. 

Health and wellness have become a huge topic for obvious reasons. Most people want to stay informed about the good or bad things about their mental or physical health. This contributes to the growth of health blogs.

There are many ways to make money from your health and wellness blog. I am going to highlight the top nine of them here. You do not need to choose all of these as a means of earning. You can select the greatest options based on your own preferences. 


You can monetize your blog using Google AdSense if you’ve established a popular blog with a lot of monthly visitors. All you have to do is sign up for Google AdSense and your site will be able to display advertisements. You will be paid for your advertisement space in this manner. Text links, paid surveys, and promoting your own items are other ways to get money. You can also consider joining a program like Lifevantage. To help you decide, here is a review of Lifevantage

Affiliate Commissions

In your articles, you can promote affiliate products. You will be paid if someone purchases through your link. This is one of the most effective strategies to make money. By joining the Amazon Affiliate Program, you can promote Amazon’s products on your blog, in return you will get a percentage of that purchase if someone buys through your link.

Online Courses and Coaching

Online classes are quite popular and a massive approach to assist a large number of individuals. They enable you to interact with your audience by employing video presentations and practical exercises. If you are a brand in your niche, you can make and sell a course. People can be taught how to do something, or they can be helped to solve a problem or develop an expertise. For many fitness bloggers, online tutoring is a reliable source of revenue. This is where you provide one-on-one coaching to customers via live platforms. Online Courses are also more expensive than ebooks or dietary plans, which makes them ideal for increasing your health and wellness blogging income.

Paid Writer

Writing on demand is another option to make money as a health and wellness writer. The majority of customers are looking for a professional fitness content writer who can write a paid blog article. You can charge according to your expertise level. People or event organizers may approach you for paid speaking opportunities if you are an authority in your niche.

Website Memberships

Creating a regular revenue stream from your health or wellness blog by charging for membership is a great method to do it. In exchange for signing up, users can have access to your informative and knowledgeable content that is behind a barrier. You will have to give consistent value to the on-going cost but the payoff is enormous. Aim to update your membership material once a month in order to provide ongoing value and avoid cancellations.

Sponsored Content

When you’re paid to blog or write about a product or service, it’s known as sponsored content, Lot of companies out there are in search of an expert to brand them. When you are an expert in your field, you can make huge money by sponsoring a product in your blog. It could be a review article, an instructional film on how to utilize something.

Accept Guest Posts

You may build a brand as a successful blogger. People will want to contribute to your successful blog because they want to gain traffic from your high-authority website’s backlinks. Because you will charge a fee for guest posts, this is a profitable business for you.

Educational Programs

It’s much more than just fitness videos; education helps your audience understand why and how to take the approach you advocate. If you’re an expert in health and wellness blogging, you can offer free advice to others and then charge money to show them “how to.” In the form of PDFs and Videos, you can sell workout programs, meditation programs, and other attitude-altering programs. It might take the shape of a step-by-step technique, guide, or set of instructions, or online fitness programs to help people achieve their health and wellness goals.


Ebooks are low cost and an easily available source of learning. You can organize your health blog posts in the form of a downloadable book and sell it out. Collate several blog posts to give some free information to the clients and then upsell it when they want some more information in an organized form. This will give you the revenue.

It is not required to choose just one strategy to make money from a health and wellness blog; instead, you can combine several of them to make your business more lucrative.

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