Top Tips for Better Performance & Less Computer Repairs

Most of us can’t go a day without our trusty computers, but if you want the most out of your computer investment there are a few things you should do to improve and optimize your computer’s performance. Not only is this going to make you more productive, but it’s also likely to result in fewer computer repairs overall. 

Top PC Tips From The Experts

Here are the top tips to help you get the most out of your computer.

#1. Keep The PC Clean Externally

Dirt isn’t just making your laptop look worse, it can also damage your computer. Debris and dust can accumulate in and outside of your PC. This is annoying in general when it gets in your keyboard and mouse and slows down your workflow, but it’s even worse when it gets into your PC’s internal parts. Then it has to be professionally cleaned so don’t wait for it to get this bad. Keep your PC clean. 

#2. Keyboard Shortcuts Help

Keyboard shortcuts are the key to moving around your computer quickly and efficiently. They’re used by busy people to get tasks done quickly cut down on time spent navigating the long way via menus and allow for more productivity overall. Different computer operating systems such as Apple software and Microsoft software have their unique shortcuts. 

#3. Back-Up Data

In general, it’s best practice to back up your computer regularly so you can protect your data and save time and money in case things go wrong. You can choose to back up to the internet in the Cloud or you can use an external hard drive. 

#4. Stay Organized 

The more cluttered your files are the harder it is for you to find what you need and the slower your computer runs. This is because computers need to load and preload files quickly and the more messy things are, the worse it gets. Instead, routinely clean the computer and delete files you aren’t using to free up space for other things. 

#5. Antivirus Can Help

These days internet scams, malware, and viruses are getting smarter, it’s no longer wise to ignore getting antivirus software. This will scan your computer and alert you to any threats coming in. This can then help you have peace of mind online. 

#7. Don’t Ignore Updates

No matter how busy you are you shouldn’t avoid software updates forever, they are time-consuming but they often can fix issues your computer is already facing. So keep your computer updated to ensure your computer runs well with fewer security threats.

Although following these tips means there’s less of a chance of seeing computer issues, it doesn’t mean you can prevent every issue from occurring. So if one day you find you do need a great computer repair shop in Colorado Springs, the best family-owned business is DML Computer Repairs. 

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