Suggested replies, Meeting Insights and other intelligent features in Outlook on the Web

Outlook on the Web is designed to be fast and powerful, and now Microsoft is adding new Intelligent Technology features to make it even more appealing. With these new capabilities, users will be able to save time and get more out of their Outlook experience. Stay tuned for more information on when these new features will be available.

If you are an Office 365 customer or administrator, you can check the Message Center post with instructions on how to get started with the new Outlook on the Web features. These features are available once you have enabled them in your account settings. Outlook on the Web offers a variety of new features that can be used with email and Calendars.

Intelligent Technology comes to Outlook on the Web

The main advantage of subscribing to Office 365 is that you receive new product updates and features as and when they are rolled out. You don’t have to go for costly updates every few years.

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Meeting Insights

When we have unique insights, we can get better results. The Meeting Insights feature in Outlook on the Web is designed to show you relevant content for the meeting, such as messages and files in your mailbox, and files in your OneDrive for Business account.

Suggested replies

Outlook Web’s “Suggested Replies” feature suggests three possible responses to help you reply quickly in a pinch.

If any of the template replies is useful for you, you can select it and send it. If not, you can turn it Off. Here’s how to do it.

Select Settings > View all Outlook settings.

Choose Mail > Compose and reply.

Scroll down to locate the ‘Suggested Replies’ section and clear the checkbox for ‘Show suggested replies.

After that, select the Save option.

Suggested locations

The handy feature lets you pick a meeting place by providing its location information, such as an address, business hours, and contact information.

Smart time suggestions

After having selected a place for your meeting, you can let your attendees vote on the best time suitable for the meeting via Find Time. Similarly, Outlook will suggest days and times when attendees might be free to meet.

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