Are Disposable Vapes Legal in the UK

The latest news from Stirling said that: Officers from Stirling and Clackmannanshire Trading Standards are warning the public of the dangers of illegal disposable electronic cigarettes. Well, disposable electronic cigarettes are also known as disposable vapes or puff bars, more than 2,000 of these unsafe products have been blocked from retailers across the area, forcing the Council to issue a warning over their potential harm to vapers as well as young people.

So what happened to the disposable vape in the UK? The UK has always been a vape-friendly country for a long time in people’s impression, are disposable vapes illegal in the UK? The answer is a big NO. It turns out that the blocked disposable vapes are out of line with the TPD Compliance in the UK vape market for those disposable vapes are pre-filled with more than 2ml e-liquid, and the illegal products with up to 50mg of nicotine strength have been found on sale on the local vape shop. Therefore, disposable vapes are legal in the UK as long as they meet the requirements of the TPD Compliance.

Tobacco Products Directive Compliance(TPD)

The Tobacco Products Directive Compliance went into effect on May 20, 2016, limiting tank sizes, maximum nicotine strengths, and bottle sizes. It meant that any vape product sold in the UK market had to be submitted to the MHRA to guarantee the safety and quality of these vapes. The TPD aims to standardize the tobacco market and vape market and protect consumers’ rights.

For a compliant vape, it should meet the following regulations enacted by the TPD, implemented in 2017:

The e-liquid container(tank/cartridge) should be no more than 2ml capacity.

Bottled e-liquid that contains nicotine should be no more than 10ml.

E-liquid that contains nicotine, nicotine strength should be no more than 20mg/ml.

E-liquid cannot contain certain ingredients like taurine, caffeine, colouring, and other ingredients deemed unsafe by the directive.

Packaging should be child-proof and tamper-evident.

All labeling must meet requirements. For example, there must be a warning label on the package if it is a nicotine-contained e-liqiud.

According to the vaping law in the UK, you must be 18 or over to buy vapes or e-liquids. And if a vape retailer sells vape products to a minor, the retailer could be fined up to£2500 as a result. On the other hand, an adult is forbidden to buy vape products for a minor, too.

Popular disposable vape brands in the UK

Disposable vapes have been popular in the UK vape market for a long time, and there are many reputable brands that win consumers’ preferences. All the reputable disposable vape brands in the UK are legal without a doubt, for example, one of the top disposable vape brands Elf Bar – Elf Bar 600 is a perfect example of being a legal and compliant vape product. The classic Elf Bar 600 is pre-filled with 2ml e-liquid in 20mg nicotine strength, powered by a built-in battery, delivering up to 600 puffs, and bringing an authentic MTL vaping experience for vapers. There are also other trustworthy disposable vape brands like Geek Bar and Elux. Those mentioned disposable vape brands are legal and compliant with the TPD, they also offer high-quality devices, flavoursome e-liquids, and pure nicotine salt for creating an impressive vaping experience for consumers.

How to get legal and compliant vapes in the UK?

Now you can not only easily find disposable vapes in a vape shop around the street corner, but also at the checkout counter in some supermarkets, snack bars, and most accessibly, online vape wholesale shops. It is hard to manage the vape market with so many different accessible channels. Whereas, here are some tips for you to get compliant and qualified disposable vapes.

Choose reliable disposable brands

As I mentioned above, Elf Bar, Geek Bar, and Elux are popular disposable brands in the UK, they are also reliable as well.  

Check the specifications

It’s a simple pre-work. A compliant disposable vape should comply with the following regulations(where you can find the information easily on the package or their official websites):

A maximum 2ml e-liquid capacity

A maximum of 20mg nicotine

A nicotine warning label

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Purchasing from a reputable retailer

There is no doubt that finding a reliable retailer is important whether it’s bricks and mortar or an online shop. NewVaping as one of the top online vape shops in the UK always puts customers in the first place, NewVaping ONLY provides compliant and legal vape products.

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