Guide to Choosing the Right Breast Pump

With various types available in the market, opting for a breast pump sometimes can be overwhelming for a mom-to-be. Each woman has different condition and needs when it comes to breastfeeding, getting prepared, and familiarize with those types available helps you to know what type of suit you the best. These are guides to help you know more about the type of pump that suits your needs handsfree breast pump.

A Manual vs an electric breast pump

The popular technology applied in breast pump devices today provide users with three primary options. Knowing deeper about these will help you to choose what benefits can be obtained from each type.

A manual pump is cheaper than the electric type. Besides, it is quiet and easy for occasional pumping activities. That’s why people like to choose this type, particularly due to price reasons. However, for some people, it is not efficient for frequent use. It is because your hands need to pump the handle manually so that the vacuum takes the milk.

Conversely, the electric breast pump is much easier and comfortable to use because it comes with a motor that will replace your pumping job. There are electric pumps equipped with 2-phase expression technology. This technology works similarly to the natural sucking behavior of a baby.  If you are looking for an affordable electric breast pump in srilanka, check out online shopping sites first.

When start breastfeeding, the baby commonly sucks in a short and fast move. After the milk flows, the sucking gets stronger and slower in order to take milk as much as possible. This technology applies baby feeding patterns so that every mom-to-be can enjoy a comfortable and natural way of breastfeeding.

Most electric types are powered by battery, either rechargeable or standard AA for more convenient use.

A single vs double breast model

A single electric pump for breastfeeding activity occasionally. However, a double electric pump that vacuum milk from both breasts at one time is more comfortable if you breastfeed regularly, either because of medical or working reasons.

Since a double pump reduces the amount of breastfeeding time, means for efficient work, it takes around 18 percent more milk averagely rather than when you pump from each breast. With this function, this model is actually the best option for a busy mom. Moreover, the milk taken with double pumping provides a higher amount of fat and calorie content.

How to select a pump that best suit every mom’s need and condition

After getting to know the benefits of each type as well as its pitfalls according to breastfeeding activity, the next step you have to do is put them into your considerations. Which type of breast pump that works best on you relies on several factors including how frequent you will do the pumping as the baby lactation stages. There are three stages, namely, initiate for the first five days, build for days six to thirty, and maintain for more than 30 days.

Selecting the right breast pump should consider several factors including the recent stage, mom’s physical condition, baby’s need, and mom’s behavior during breastfeeding activity.

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