How to Erase a DVD-R Disc

How to Erase a DVD-R Discs are often used for storing large files. They’re similar to rewritable DVD discs, but typically you can only burn information onto them once. Even so, you might be able to delete items from a DVD-R disc if you need to.

Before taking any steps to erase files from a disc, always check the product specifications that came with the disc. This is to ensure that erasing files will not render the disc unusable.

DVD-R Disc

Erase DVD-R Disc on a PC

Step 1

Place the disc in your computer’s optical drive.

Step 2

Click the “Start” button and go to “Computer”

Step 3

If you want to erase the contents of a disc, right-click the icon that represents your computer’s optical drive and select “Erase this disc.” Follow the steps in the Erase Disc Wizard to remove the disc’s contents. If you only want to delete some of the files on the disc, double-click the drive icon in “Computer” to show the contents of the disc, select the files you want to delete, and click “Delete.”

Erase DVD-R Disc on a Mac

Step 1

Insert the disc into your computer’s CD/DVD player.

Step 2

Open “Applications/Utilities” and click “Disk Utility.”

Step 3

Highlight the disc in the left column and select “Erase.”

Step 4

Click “Quick Erase” if you wish to avoid overwriting the previous content and click “Erase.”

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