How To Manage Stress As a Programmer

When I start working at my job as a developer. It was a stressful job for me. I can’t understand how I get rid of this stress. Some time for stress relieving, I am mainly smoking and remain angry at a point where I can not even remember half of the evening. Even if I have many friends, but I feel very lonely at that time.

Over the  time, I learned how to manage stress as a  programmer. So all exhausted, unhappy, feeling deeply unsatisfied had disappeared. Now I love programming and I think about my relationships, sleep, appetite, and ability to do my job.

All that was the best thing that ever happened to me because I learned how humans worked while handling way back from the edge. I also learned about our mental and physical limits, the nature of stress and anxiety, and most importantly, how to take care of myself, and now I will remain safe from these. So I thought to share some useful tips with fellow programmers.

How stress works in the mind, body, and the nervous system

In programming it is challenging to admit to ourselves or others because it emphasizes excellence and abilities. So we are having an issue with stress. It simmers into our neural and physical systems, so we have to deal with it.

When our body and mind realize a challenge in our environment, it causes stress and physiological and mental changes. Relaxation and stress are described by the level of physiological inspiration and muscular tension in our bodies. When you are relaxed, you have an excellent level of physiological stimulation and optimal level of work productivity. However, in the stressed condition, you have so much physiological inspiration.

The symptoms of physical stress are :

Muscle tension


Heart rate and blood pressure are raised

Shallow breathing into the chest rather than the belly

Feeling of mental busyness

Curling with everyone

Our immune system also responds in the same way. The conversion of energy become slow down and the expense of reduced immunity. So you often get sick at times of increased stress, and excessive anxiety is changed with long-term, chronic illnesses. Stress is mediated by the affectionate branch of the autonomic nervous system.

Programming vs  stress

There are some inherent sources of stress caused by the nature of the job itself. Same as programmers, we need to consider several factors to stress. Most of us choose a career in programming because we consider things and solving problems.

We spend a lot of time happy, which means we can become a bit disconnected from our bodies. Because we do not pay attention, it’s easy for us to ignore some of the physical symptoms of stress. We go to healthy stress management when we are noticing that we are facing excessive stress so that we can take appropriate action.

Types of Stress

Decision Fatigue

In daily life, developers have to make dozens of choices. These have a big range from setting up a new product’s tech stack to naming a function. But for all of these small and significant actions, they spend time and mental energy. So they check the brain’s ability to make decisions. Your ability to make decisions, and you can be caught in a spiral of decision fatigue. Check out how you can improved immune function.


A second significant point of stress is disagreement. Most developers do not work alone. They spend a lot of time with their workmates. So this constant interaction can make cause reduced professionalism and burn disagreements.


When you work all day and night so this overload of work can cause stress. You work all day and till late at night and no time for your family. At the and you feel tired and stress on your body and mind.


  1. When you want to manage stress as a programmer, consider some Strategies of Time cost. In the end, not use a large number of strategies, only the winning strategy.
  2. As a programmer we have to sit for long hours and I always use and recommend best computer chair for long hours work so you can lessen fatigue symptoms and stress.
  3. The second tip is making models can be a great tool to lessen the number of accessible options. It is straightforward for a utilization debate to go off on a tangent for hours. So you can get a faster solution by making a simple prototype to try something instead of making decisions on a hypotheticals base.
  4. The discussion is another point to manage stress; as a programmer, you work with your coworkers, and at any point, you feel stress, so you should discuss it with them. But some people think that this is a waste of time. However, if your idea or choice is more correct, it would not always win.
  5. One tip is that go to your family who is literate at the equality level. So make meetings with them during the search for the optimal solution. In specific time put the answers to the vote of majority rules.
  6. Find the people who can solve the problem in a minute. It is not necessarily that they have to be an expert or even a developer. There is someone you can explain the options to in five minutes and get their feedback.
  7. A developer should always work in a relaxing place and peaceful environment. I chose software development because I love it. The most enjoyable aspect of my career is something I am doing for fun, not money.

When you can control excess stress has many benefits, whether mental, such as clearer thinking, improved focus and purely improved immune function, blood pressure, and so on. When you work as a programmer, it belongs to a mental working job. read also: How Many Passes in Defrag Windows 10 

So you have to look for ways to improve the quality of your thinking and stress management. A stressed person is emotionally weak, which affects his power of communication and decision-making. Therefore learning to manage too much stress naturally leads to emotional equality, which affects all of your relationships.

On the other hand, relaxed people are easier to be around. Consequently, reducing our stress, as a result, increasing our happiness. So we become more motivated and more productive. Hence, we increase our value as developers and as humans.

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