How to Renew Your Life Support Certification: A Step-by-Step Guide

Renewing your life-support certification is a process that needs clarification. Many people give up on the renewal process as they need to learn its steps. But, as a life-saver, you will need to recertify once in two years. Without a legal certification, you cannot practice these skills. If you do, you could land in legal trouble. This blog highlights the steps involved in the renewal process. After reading this blog, you can easily stay up-to-date with your certification. The blog also talks about the BLS certification and people who should consider taking recertification in this course. You can check out Calgary First Aid and CPR Training Courses to learn more about these courses.

What is BLS recertification?

BLS certification stands for Basic Life Support certification. It is a certification provided to various medical personnel, such as nurses, paramedics, and doctors. The certification requires you to complete a recognized course. It teaches you the skills to provide basic life support to needy patients. It includes how to perform CPR, use an AED, and other skills needed to save a life.

BLS recertification is vital because it helps ensure that professionals are up-to-date on the most recent techniques and best practices for providing basic life support. It is imperative because medical science and technology are constantly changing and developing. Additionally, recertification also provides a refresher of the skills that are needed to perform life-saving measures. People often forget the steps for the techniques which could cause an accident. With a refresher course, they can provide the best care possible in an emergency.

Some reasons why you should take recertification in BLS include the following:

  1. It ensures medical personnel are up-to-date on the most recent techniques and best practices.
  2. Provides a refresher of the skills necessary to perform life-saving measures.
  3. It prepares healthcare providers to provide the best care possible in an emergency.
  4. This course helps medical personnel remain competent in their skills and knowledge.
  5. It gives medical personnel the confidence to perform life-saving measures.
  6. Allows medical personnel to demonstrate their mastery of life-saving skills.
  7. Ensures medical personnel are compliant with the most current standards and regulations.

Who should renew BLS certification?

Anyone with a Basic Life Support certification should renew it every two years. BLS certification covers basic medical procedures and protocols. These protocols primarily include recognizing and responding to cardiac arrest. You also learn to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) and to perform C-spine stabilization. The course teaches how to use a bag-valve mask. The certification covers adult, child, and infant CPR and choking relief. The following people should take recertification in BLS:

  1. Paramedics.
  2. EMTs.
  3. Doctors and nurses.
  4. Physician assistants.
  5. Firefighters.
  6. Teachers.
  7. Lifeguards.
  8. Daycare workers.
  9. Security personnel.
  10. Personal trainers.
  11. Coaches.

How can you find a BLS certification provider online?

Finding a BLS certification provider online is easy. You must ensure that the institute has certified tutors for the course. Ensure the institute provides a recognized BLS certification so you can practice without any legal worries. To find this course online, follow the below steps.

  1. First, search your favorite search engine and type “BLS certification provider online.” You should get a list of websites providing this course.
  2. You can compare the offerings of the different sites. You must find the one offering the most comprehensive course. Compare the course structure and fee.
  3. You should select a webpage with an easy-to-navigate interface and good customer service.
  4. Read the reviews to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company. Pick an institute that offers a customer service number. You should try calling them to check their response rate.
  5. Once you’ve chosen a site, you must create an account. The prompts will ask for your name and email address. Next, you must select the payment options and give their information.
  6. Next, you will get access to the BLS certification course. The course will include modules you must complete to receive certification.
  7. A recognized course will require you to take a test upon finishing the course. You can print out your certificate once you’ve completed the course and passed the test. You can then show this certificate to employers or other organizations that require BLS certification.
  8. You need to find an institute that offers recertification as well. This way, you can apply for recertification with the same institute.


Renewing your life support certification helps you stay in practice. Following the steps above will ensure you understand the importance of the process and do it right. The American HealthCare Academy has a comprehensive BLS certification course. You can also take recertification for all your life-support courses with AHCA. Just log onto the AHCA website, take your recertifications, and keep saving lives.

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