Motivational Things To Do Before Exams

It is really hard to focus on one thing at a time before exams because you already know that you have multiple subjects that need a lot of revision. In a sea of things pending, it gets really difficult to motivate yourself. At times like this, motivational quotes for students don’t usually work and you need something more than that. Let’s find out what else you can do to gear yourself for studying extra hard this year;

Motivational Things To Do Before Exams

Discover the resistance

What is stopping you from doing better? Is it the lack of motivation or is it the fear of not achieving what you have originally wanted to? Whatever the hindrances might be, face them rather than avoid all the resistance. If there is no resistance within you from doing better, you can do all those things that can make you feel better such as studying for hours on end rather than contemplating and procrastinating.

For most students, it is a lack of a plan that is a major resistance factor. Truth be told, you will not understand how much you have progressed without a plan. Start making one right now!

Do away with procrastination

It is easy to say that if you don’t want to procrastinate, just get up and start working. Motivational quotes for students are no longer going to work if you have already entered this stage of procrastination. Here are a few things to gear you up;

  • Watch success stories and videos from people who have worked their way to the top.
  • Go through your study plan.
  • Talk to your friends or family for a change of mind.
  • Maintain a continuous flow of being in touch with study materials to familiarize yourself.
  • Rather than finding yourself in a routine, try to give yourself the space where you study at whatever time you feel the need. However, don’t overdo this because it might result in you not studying at all during the day.

Understand your perfect studying style

Are you a person who likes to take notes and has a lot of highlighters? Or do you simply like to get done with your study material in and outside a classroom, and have time remaining for recreational things? There are multiple studying styles that students follow, as per their personality types. Take a quick MBTI test to know yours!

Focus on one thing at a time

You have a lot of subjects and a lot of topics from every individual subject. Understandably, you might get overwhelmed at times, doubting yourself whether you will be able to complete it all. Focus on one subject at a time and don’t panic about the other one.

Prioritize all the important tasks, and instead of multitasking list down all the things that you were going to do simultaneously. You will notice that you are finishing everything at a faster pace because your mind is not clouded by all the incoming information. Rather, you are channelizing everything.


Whether it is in a classroom, or outside one, you need to communicate your doubts and difficulties. Don’t be embarrassed by asking a teacher even, because the classmates might not have the time to help you out especially before an exam since they have a lot of portions to cover.

Communicate with your family members if you want them to give you some more space, and your friends if you want group study sessions to allow you to understand things better. Communication is the main key to solving most problems, and the most important person that you need to communicate with is yourself. Every morning ask yourself what you would like to do, how far you are with your pending syllabus, and whether you would like a break. Once you understand your needs, you will be able to satisfy them too.

Get out of the comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone might be one of the most challenging things. No one likes to do extremely difficult things, but believe us when we say that starting with difficult topics is the only step that will hurt, after that it is smooth sailing. The logic behind this is that when we first come across complex topics, our first reflex action is to avoid it to the point where we don’t have any other option than studying it. You wouldn’t want to take any chances if you want to score perfect marks. Unless you go through the most uncomfortable instances, you will not understand the worth of being satisfied with your effort.

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