Understanding Vehicle Transport Costs: Factors and Pricing Strategies

When you need to transport your vehicle, one of the first concerns you might have is how much it will cost. Whether you are a dealership that needs bulk transport or you need to ship your collectible to a new owner, you want to know that your vehicle will arrive in the best condition possible. You have several options, depending on your situation, and each has a different set of cost factors. Several factors affect how much it will cost to ship your vehicle to its final destination.

Transport Distance

Transport distance is a key factor in price. Most travel distances less than 200 miles take between one and two days. The cost will include driver accommodations in cases where an overnight stay is involved. Trips between 3-4 days average between $600-$1100, and they go from there with distance.

Type of Vehicle

The type of vehicle also affects the price. For instance, if you have an antique, classic Jaguar, it will cost more to ship than a standard passenger car. Part of this is because of the vehicle’s replacement cost from an insurance standpoint. The other is that it needs to be transported in a carrier specially designed for single-vehicle transport with white glove service. This costs more than a vehicle that can be transported in an open-air multi-vehicle transport.

Pick-Up Date

The pick-up date also affects the cost of transport. For instance, if you need rush pick-up due to an emergency, it will cost more than if you can schedule the pick-up several months in advance. You can also expect to pay more during peak times of the year. For instance, many people wish to ship their vehicles in the spring or summer. Demand for services can drive up rates during those times.


Even when transporting a vehicle at an equal distance, the route taken can influence the cost of vehicle transport. For instance, going through a major city center at rush hour can add to the cost due to delays. Toll roads are another factor that can influence the cost of shipping a vehicle.

Vehicle Condition

Things like roof racks, larger tires, and after-market modifications can cause an increase in cost because of the needed accommodations. Also, vehicles in good condition cost less to transport than those in a condition that cannot be driven. This is because a car that cannot be driven must have a special carrier.

Transport Method

The size and type of vehicle influence the amount that you pay. SGT Auto Transport offers several levels of transport. They include open multiple car carriers and closed transport. When requesting multiple-level transport, you might have to pay more when you request “top-level” transport. This means that your vehicle will be placed on the top level of the carrier. Top-level transport can help eliminate damage from rocks and other debris flying up from the road and scratching your car. You can expect to pay more for the services when you request extra special care.

Season of the Year

Weather can add time to the travel by causing delays. You can expect trips taken during the winter on icy roads to take longer than those during the summer. Also, travel delays caused by accidents and traffic slowdowns can add to the cost.


Many auto transport companies offer discounts that can help you save. Discounts can include certain types of transport, certain distances, or seasonal discounts. When you book your auto transport, be sure to ask about any ways to save on transportation costs.

Auto Insurance

Another factor that can affect the cost of auto transport is shipping auto insurance. The vehicle’s value, distance, and type of transport vehicle can affect insurance for the trip. You should check into this before heading out on your trip.

Vehicle transport costs are not a one-size-fits-all service; with their transport service, you can expect custom services to suit your needs. Their team is ready to help you get your vehicle where it needs to go in the same condition as when you left it with us. Their goal is to take the same care you would for your precious cargo.

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