Cox Panoramic WiFi Review – Here’s What You Need to Know

Cox Panoramic WiFi is already used by 80% of Cox customers, and now it’s included with all Cox internet plans. It’s powered by the Panoramic Getaway which supports multi-gig speeds and provides wall-to-wall coverage. It also extends as a mesh WiFi system for large homes with Panoramic WiFi Pods, which can be purchased separately.

In this review, we delve into the Cox Panoramic WiFi experience, exploring both the Panoramic WiFi Gateway and the Panoramic WiFi Pods. We unveil its notable specs, discuss where it lacks, and share some of its included perks and features. Let’s get started.

Cox Panoramic WiFi Technologies

The Panoramic WiFi Gateway you get depends on the speed tier you choose. Typically, the 100 Mbps tier includes model PW6, the 250 Mbps and 500 Mbps tiers include PW7, while 1 Gbps and higher tiers include PW8.

Each of these gateways supports DOCSIS 3.1 which is employed in 100% of Cox’s service areas. PW6 uses WiFi 5, PW7 employs WiFi 6, while PW8 has the latest WiFi 6E technology. WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E both feature significant improvements in terms of speed, latency, and reliability over WiFi 5. But the extra 6 GHz band with WiFi 6E makes a huge difference in performance for devices in the vicinity of the Gateway.

Panoramic Gateway Specs

  • 3 Gig Ethernet ports for PCs, gaming consoles, and TVs
  • Range up to 2000 sq. ft.
  • Easy management via the Cox Panoramic WiFi app
  • QoS Prioritization supported
  • Free periodic updates from Cox
  • 24/7 real-time updates from Advanced Security
  • Extends as a mesh WiFi system with Panoramic WiFi Pods

Where Panoramic WiFi Lacks

When we first got our hands on Panoramic WiFi pods, there were two Ethernet ports but they were not supported. The newer 2.0 version of the pods supports LAN/WAN connectivity. However, you still can’t hardwire the pods to the Gateway via Ethernet. This isn’t a major drawback as most people would just let the pods connect wirelessly. But wired mesh WiFi networks can perform better in some homes.

Like most other ISPs, Cox only offers the Panoramic Gateway at a monthly rental fee of $14. Panoramic WiFi Pods are available at a one-time cost of $129.99 per pod. However, Panoramic WiFi is included indefinitely with the 100 Mbps plan and for 24 months with all other plans, so you don’t have to worry about the monthly cost at least for 2 years.

Cox Panoramic WiFi Perks and Features

Elite Gamer Included

Gaming enthusiasts understand that milliseconds can make all the difference. Cox understands it too, which is why they’ve introduced Cox Elite Gamer—a service that curbs latency, reduces ping spikes, and minimizes jitter. By automatically routing gaming traffic through optimized pathways, Elite Gamer can potentially decrease lag by a staggering 32%, offering a crucial competitive edge in online gaming.

WiFi 6 Technology

The Panoramic Gateway boasts WiFi 6 technology, a giant leap forward in wireless performance. With increased channels compared to its predecessor, WiFi 5, WiFi 6 effortlessly supports high download and upload speeds even when numerous devices are connected. Beamforming enhancements extend the coverage range, and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) technology lowers latency by up to 75% when multiple devices are on the network.

DOCSIS 3.1 Technology

All Panoramic WiFi Gateway modems currently offered by Cox support DOCSIS 3.1, the latest standard in hybrid fiber-coaxial networks. With a max downstream speed of 10 Gbps and upstream speeds of 1 to 2 Gbps, it taps into the potential of Cox’s fiber-rich network, providing faster and more dependable speeds, even if you’re on a cable internet plan.

Advanced Security

The Panoramic Gateway features Cox’s Advanced Security service that ensures protection against cyber threats and phishing attacks. It vigilantly monitors network activity, promptly terminates connections from unidentified sources, and alerts you to any suspicious behavior.

Upgraded Gateway Every Three Years

Technology evolves, and so does Cox’s commitment to delivering the best. With the option to exchange your Panoramic Gateway for an upgraded model every three years at no extra cost, you’re always at the forefront of WiFi innovation.

Cox Panoramic WiFi App

The Cox Panoramic WiFi app extends control to your fingertips. It allows you to pause or resume connections, assign nicknames to devices, identify data hogs, and troubleshoot network issues effortlessly. The app also serves as a hub for Advanced Security notifications, ensuring your network remains safeguarded.

Panoramic WiFi Pods

For large homes with WiFi dead zones, a Panoramic WiFi Pod is a valuable upgrade. These range extenders use mesh WiFi technology to extend coverage without the typical pitfalls of traditional WiFi repeaters.

Tri-Band Brilliance

The Panoramic WiFi Gateway PW8 supports not just 2.4 GHz 5 and GHz bands, but also the new 6GHz band. This band can completely eliminate the need for a wired connection to TVs and consoles for devices in close proximity to the gateway.

Cox Internet Plans with Panoramic WiFi

The latest promotions on Cox Internet plans include Panoramic WiFi for 24 months at no additional cost. These plans require no term contract and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. Here we include basic details of these plans, Cox customer service can tell you more.

Cox Go Fast

With a download speed of 100 Mbps, Cox Go Fast offers affordable connectivity at a fixed price of $49.99 per month. Enjoy the flexibility of WiFi equipment included and no term contract.

Cox Go Faster

Stepping up, Cox Go Faster flaunts a 250 Mbps download speed at an everyday low price of $69.99 per month. No contracts or termination fees apply.

Cox Go Even Faster

Ramping it up further, Cox Go Even Faster delivers a 500 Mbps download speed. This plan is available at a standard price of $89.99 per with no term contract.

Go Super Fast

With its fiber-powered DOCSIS 3.1 network, Cox makes gig internet available to 99% of its customers. Go Even Faster features max speeds up to 1000 Mbps at $109.99 per month for 24 months.

The Takeaway

Cox Panoramic WiFi comes with a Gateway powered by the latest WiFi 6 and DOCSIS 3.1 technologies. The added perks such as Elite Gamer, Advanced Security, free periodic upgrades, and the ability to create a mesh WiFi system with pods make Panoramic WiFi a complete package. 

Panoramic WiFi Gateway costs $14 per month. But it’s included with Cox Go Fast at no extra cost indefinitely and with faster internet plans for 24 months. The Gateway model you get depends on the plan you choose, but they’re all powered by DOCSIS 3.1 to deliver fast and reliable speeds.

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