Which Are the Best International School in Singapore?

The school is the most critical place for the overall development of a child. You may be thinking that the school only furnishes educational development. However, the answer is far from this. The physical, cognitive, and emotional growth of the child also takes place in the school. It is because the formative years of the learners pass in the school. It is here that quality learning comes into the game. You will have to select the best option for your child to transform into a quality citizen of the future. When you are in Singapore, there are multiple options before you. You will have to understand these options to select the one that suits your budget, provides quality education, and the like.

OFS or Overseas family school Singapore

Overseas family school is famous for its academic program and well-established curriculum. For rigorous and thorough development of the child, it is the best institute. It plays a significant function in the students’ scholarly achievement and is one of the best performing schools internationally and locally.

Canadian International School or CIS Singapore

Canadian International School is known for its rigorous academic programs and multiple languages, athletic, and Fine Arts provided to the learner. They have specially designed programs for developing a balanced and deepening connection between the learner and his environment. They have a different pedagogical approach that focuses on overall development and the skill set improvement of the students. You must explore the list of international schools in Singapore

Dulwich College Singapore

Dulwich College Singapore is known for its strong reputation and the state-of-the-art campus opened in 2014. It is a highly recognized International School that focuses on the independent School ethos of Britain. It is known for its tradition, curriculum, innovation, and excellence. Since it follows the British curriculum, it has a different educational environment for its students.

One World International School

Those interested in a non-denominational curriculum can take a look at one world International School. It welcomes students belonging to different religions, ethnicities, and cultures. They have an engaging and intimate setting where the student must focus on cooperation, discussion, and teamwork. They try to strike a balance between educational experience and community interaction. 

They have specially designed inquiry-led programs for children belonging to the age of 3 to 18 years. They have children belonging to more than seventy nationalities that helps in developing a feeling of diversity. The teachers take special care in promoting in-depth understanding by way of different programs.

Apart from this, Brighton College and St. Joseph’s institution international are also famous names when you hit Singapore. These have different systems of curriculum and distinct approaches when it comes to the academic program. Hence, you have to look into these options in detail before admitting your child to one of them. 

Now deciding which International School is best for your child is your responsibility. These schools have a distinct approach towards the development of the child in different aspects. Hence, you will have to understand their curriculum, program, student-teacher ratio, and administration.

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