Wig Cap vs No Wig Cap – Which is Best?

Bad haircuts, baldness, and thin hair are some common reasons for wearing wigs. However, wigs also let you show a new style and express yourself in different ways. But, should the wig users put on a wig cap?

Advantages of using a wig cap

Wig wearers can put on a cap for several reasons:

  • Wig caps will protect your scalp from irritation. If your scalp has sensitive skin, it is safe to wear a wig cap. Especially if your scalp is totally bald, you cannot avoid wearing the cap.
  • Sweat accumulates beneath the wig if you wear it throughout the day. That is why caps allow you to keep the wig secured in a proper place. You will be able to wear a wig for long hours.
  • Caps let you maintain sanitation if you wear the hair extension every day. You can wash them regularly and keep your wigs fresh.
  • If you experience severe hair loss, caps help you keep the hair extension in place. It is better to choose a softer wig cap to create an additional layer and prevent chafing issues.
  • Even if your scalp is full of hair, wigs may cause itching. So, wearing a wig cap is the right step to feel comfortable.
  • Wig caps will protect your natural hair. If you have thick, frizzy hair, it is not easy to get them under the wig. The only way to manage the hair is to wear a cap.

Buy wig caps of the best fabrics:

Wig caps are available in a range of fabrics. If you have no hair loss or partial hair loss, cotton caps are the best choice. Cotton will absorb the moisture from your natural hair and make it dry.

There are also silk caps to reduce frizz and protect your hair strands from damage. If you want stretchy fabrics, nylon caps are the right choice. Durable and slightly stretchy nylon wig caps will conform to your head. You will not feel the cap too tight.

Wearing a wig without any cap:

You can consider your personal preferences to decide whether you should wear a cap before putting on your wig. Wig caps provide extra protection, especially if you have a sensitive scalp. Besides, if you need to wear the wig throughout the day, you may use the cap to let your scalp feel comfortable.

While wearing the wig without the cap, you should ensure that your scalp is dry and clean. You may also spray a scalp protector to prevent any issues with your sensitive scalp skin. 

Some users claim that thicker caps trap heat. Thus, their scalps sweat more and make them feel discomfort. If the cap fabric does not suit your skin, you may feel irritation.

So, wig caps have both merits and demerits. You should consider them before buying the cap. But, the most important thing is to purchase high-quality wigs. To purchase the best wigs for your hair, you can visit the store of Madison Hair Collection.

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